Thursday, March 29, 2007


ever take out your space-bar on a mac powerbook.


and please, no snide comments about other (ugly) laptops, please.


P.S: and AFTER all that, I found this here.

"I just repaired my space bar on a powerbook. It had developed some unresponsive spots, probably due to particles that had become lodged under it. It took me four attempts, good light, and a pair of tweezers.

Probably as part of the removal process or earlier attempts, all three of the little plastic ring/lever constructs under the space bar had become out-of-joint (the little things that stick out on the sides weren't in the little holes that they were usually in). I didn't notice at first, but it's clearly visible if you know what to look for. The white plastic thingies required removing from their metal holders, rejoining into each other, and reinsertion into the metal holders.

To stick the two white plastic rings into one another: the little plugs go into the little holes. There are two ways of doing that - one right, one wrong (with the ring flipped over). You know you've got it right when the resulting two-ring construct lies flat, as if it were cut out of one sheet of plastic.

To insert the double-O ring back into the metal holder: first, slip the side that faces you under its latch, then insert the two hooks into the metal holders on each side. This is where you really want that pair of tweezers.

The large piece of wire under the space bar is in two halves. I left the upper half attached to the space bar and slid it under its metal latches on both ends. The lower half I detached from the space bar and inserted into matching holes on either side of the keyoard tray, pushing up the upper half (it has a little room to move until it slides out of the latch again.)

I then pressed the space bar flat on the keyboard tray, and everything just kind of clicked into place. Yay, space bar!"

Bleddy hell. Well, atleast I did it right, it seems.


Neihal said...

MY laptop is not ugly !!!!!!

Iska space bar bhi intact rehata hai.... so I guess mine is better. :P :P :P

shub said... did you google up that piece? typed fixingspacebaronmachelp ? :P

fafridi said...

I had once dropped a cupfull of tea on my desktop's keyboard, maybe I should also post the detailed procedure for the remedy. Some ppl do afterall search for the like :P

Neihal said...

@ fafridi
yup I'll need that, don't think there is much diff. between tea and coffee there, right ?
can u pls leave the link as well ;-P

Rebellion said...

Err, you really googled that out Lajjo? Bohot faaltu time hai na aapke paas? :P
LOL @ Shub!
On second thoughts, isi bahane update ho gaya ;):P

qsg said...

wow... you sure are working hard... not necessarily the thesis...but working, nevertheless! :)

Perspective Inc. said...

Lol..atleast you got it working...
You want my story of pain?Couple of weeks ago I was sitting at starbucks when husband dear spilt coffee on it and fried it... eeeecks!!I think I forgot to breathe for a while there....

Shripriya said...

Having actually done this before, I feel your pain.

Tachyoson said...
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Tachyoson said...

in my 12 years of keyboards i've found utility in gently turning them over and whacking the underside... any loose bits should work loose ... also get one of those compressed air cans from a CompUSA store...they do work!make sure you blow outwards (towards front of the keyboard)