Thursday, March 15, 2007

On criticism

There's no room in science for niceties. You need to learn to take criticisms less personally- stop being defensive and use what you can get out of it.  So if I stand over your shoulder, and correct you, be thankful- nobody did that for me and I learned the hard way. (And yeah, there will be plenty of things for you to learn that way too) I am not responsible for taking care of your feelings or ego  if I have to train you to be a competent scientist. Sorry. Grow up. Thank-you.

p.s:  yeah, the posting won't necessarily stop, thanks to email ;).


Neihal said...

as long as you can :)

as for the post....not only in science but otherwisw too we should know how to handle criticism :)

I am blessed with a hippo skin :D

Rebellion said...

If its for your good in the long run, even bitter is better :)

And yeah, do post but only when you take the break from your thesis and to inform you.. Breaks are taken when work is on, full on :P

Sakshi said...

Well Said!

And agree with Neihal, critism when taken constructively helps one grow.And agree with rebellion, "Breaks are taken when work is on, full on".. Mere alternate world mein abhi I am writing ;)

Revealed said...

That's ZACKLY how my ex-supervisor cured me of any discomfort caused by people looking over my shoulder. And now look at me. I can load a gel single handed while simultaneously flipping thru my post-it notes to make sure I'm loading in the right order, and all *with* anyone who so wishes standing by to watch and marvel at my artistry ;)

Tachyoson said...

criticism , if not done unjustly is something that adds to your persona and knowledge . one just has to choke down the ego bit that goes "waaaaaaa i dont want to ASK! ill figure (read blunder through) it myself!"

Gems Bond said...

Oh well...people who can't take criticism have rather startled growth, unfortunately! To each their own!