Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Mother of all anti-rants

TGFI is now Dr. TGFI

Got done with my thesis defense about an hour ago. I am currently in class administering the final exam for the class I teach, and posting via email. Later this evening, there is much alcohol waiting to be consumed, and it is quite unlikely that I will be in a position to operate a computer after that.

Meanwhile, I want to thank all of you for hearing me out, humoring me and egging me on to the finish line. You are all a huge part of my big day & so you are among  the first to hear about it!  I am not yet drunk, so this is my heartfelt, very genuine thank-you!!!

Several associated rants and stories are long overdue, and you will all get to hear them in due course. :-) For now, I just feel dazed- and must make sure my students don't take undue advantage of that!


Kondayya said...

Congrats Dr.TGFI
I've been reading your blog over this whole semester,really glad you that you finnally acheived success.Time to get that black topi and black coat and take a photuu with you jumpingin the air I guess.. :)

Party big time

Psst : i hope i dint spoil your regular readers(commentators) sentiments on being fist to congratukate..please consider this as zeroth comment :)

qsg said...

Dr. Lajjo - Kangrajulashans! :)) I am so glad it's over and done with! Frankly, I was praying that you are done with sooner than later because obviously the alcoholics, known and anon were waiting for you to let your short hair down - and the others were getting too pained by the rants and were waiting for a happy post! :)

Again...good job girl - proud of you - and start answering the bleddy phone - it could be God! :p

ggop said...

Congratulations Dr. TGFI!

You can replace Tajel's picture in your profile with a smiling one. :D

I am always awed by the committment you have to your cause.

Sakshi said...

Dr.TGFI ji!!
Way to go .. Now we can expect the bar to stay open all night. First beer opened in your name..

Now let me get my ass in gear and finish up too :)

Sayesha said...

Can't help but copy-paste from my email to you:

Suno suno gaon-walon! Apni Lajjo Amreeka mein jaakar daaktar ban gayi hai! Ab gaon mein koi beemar lailaaj nahin marega, ab sab bachon ko teeka lagega, apni Lajjo daaktar ban gayi hai daaktar!

Arre o Sukhiya, jara Bansilal ki dukaan se laddu lekar saare gaon mein baant dena, kambakht paise maange toh keh dena apni Lajjo daaktar ban gayi hai, ab saare gaaon ka udhaar wohi chukta karegi!

Congratulations! All the hard work (and rants) finally paid off! :)

Abi said...

Congratulations, Dr. TGFI.

What next? A post-doc at the place that once hired Larry Summers as its president? Or at the other place across the river?

Tabula Rasa said...

way to go!

sd said...

Dr. TGFI!! Sahi Hai Sahi Hai Sahi Hai! I am so delighted. Congratulations TGFI - Soon you will be 'post-doc' TGFI and then Prof. TGFI :)

ps: I too defended last week. Yippe!!...isiliye main bhi desh jane ki baat kar raha tha.

confused said...

Heartiest congratulations!

This is good. Now, finally you can get married!


Shripriya said...


Congratulations, DR. TGFI!!! Very happy for you. Now, de-stress, drink and party :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is such a great news. Congrats Dr.TGFI. Way to go girl :)


Neihal said...


WOW!! CONGRATS dear. and many hugs. battli kaha hai, kaha hai!!

Neihal said...

and yeah waiting for all the due rants. :D
Congrats once again. :)

fafridi said...

awesome!!! many many many mnay congratulations. open the champagne (that's just for the effect),, now get me my real drink! cheers doctor :)

satish said...


Shek said...

Congratulations...must be some relief. Now, you are 'Dr.' and everything...people...RESPECT is the key word here. Way to go. Kudos to spending 4+ yrs in School. I was so tired of being broke and over laden with courses and making pizzas at the food court that I finished my Masters and got out in three semesters.

GettingThereNow said...

Congratulations, Dr. TGFI!! Now get on with your rants :D

Rio said...

no more rants??? i want my money back!! :P hehehehe congrats my dear daaktarni, bring on the asli medicine! ;) lets parttaayyyy on all wknd!! gosh, can't wait for celebration post :D

Klastos said...


Rebellion said...

LOL Sash! Awesome that was.. made me laugh yet again :))

Lajjo jeeeeeeeeee, Congratulations, again n again n again. You deserve all of it dear :D

Hoping you'll be out of your hangover, will talk to you in sometime :P

Beeeeeeeeeeeeg hug >:D<
Take care :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

zeroeth commenter kondayya,
Thanks very much! Yes its party time now. :)

thanks babe. I am touched to see how you partake my joy. :p

I feel attached to Tajel's pic now :) & Thanks! it's been a long ride but it's so nice to reach the end. :)

yes ma'am . bar is open full time now. and all good vibes and power to you to finish up so we can start a whole new round of celebrations. :)

:) ROFL!!! yaar mujhe laddu chahiye. :p abbe udhaar ki baat mat kar. ;)

thanks dear girl.

thank-you. :)
neither - you know how I don't ascribe to the Summers hypothesis. :) the post-doc destination is across the Schuylkill river. :)

tabula rasa,
yeah! :) thanks

ARRE YAAR! Bataya nahi! heartiest congratulations to sd too !!!! glad to hear your good news. kab ja raha hai desh?

aur haan, thanks much. am sure you know how it feels.

thanks :)
saale. abhi kal ki utri nai hai, much un-lady like language is being directed at you.

yeah babe!!!!! now post all you want about beaches and margheritas! i will join you!
thanks :)

Hi Lakshmi!
haven't seen you here before! thanks!

beeg hug and beeg baatli coming your way. i am done babe! now who's misery are you going to laugh at??? :)))))

thank you thank you thank you fafridi. :) yes do go get drunk. highly recommended by this doctor. :p

thank-you hain bhai. :)

thanks man. it is a huge relief! More than the doctor part, i'm happy to be done! :)
rispaaaact indeed! :)
you did a masters in 3 sems? good job! yeah, i think i'm going to continue to be broke for a while now, but that's a rant for another day. :)

hi gettingtherenow!
:) hehehehehhe. rants will come, rants will come. thank you. :)

babe! indeed we must party on all weekend! and don't worry, several pent up rants will surface sooner or later. :p

thank-you. :-)

lol @ sash too. :) thank-you dear. am really happy. :)

Sqrl/TA said...

Congratulations, Dr. TGFI..

Amit said...

Congratulations are in order, Dactarnee sahiba. :D


Neihal said...

It just feels great to be at this blog right now.:D

and whoever said I am giving up my sadist traits only coz you are a Daktar now, huh??

satish said...

bhai?? :O

Sakshi said...

@TGFI- Where's the rant-o-rama? We demand entertainment!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi sqrl/ta,
thanks :-)

hi amit,
dhanyavaad! :))

:D. (hugs)

arre- woh aise hi- colloquial usage, not indicating any blood-relation. :p

rant-o-rama aayega. i still can't see clearly. :p

greensatya said...

Wow, heartfelt congrats to Dr TGFI !

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Congratulations, dactaar!


I had to use my worst Bollywood movie villain impression.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks very much. you are among those who has seen the story go from rant to anti-rant. :-)

hi wannabe indian punkster!
hehe. good impression that was. thank-you. :-)