Sunday, April 08, 2007

Music and associated memories

We all know how certain songs evoke specific memories- "Please don't go" brings back vivid memories of my school farewell party; "The summer of 69" takes me back to a very specific day of college, to a specific place, going through some confusing emotions while sharing that song with a friend.."Devil's daughter" , in as much as I hate that kind of music, reminds me affectionately of my school pals who were wannabe rockers, complete with a wig and an air guitar. :).

"Every breath you take" takes me back to the day I saw Sting live in concert, and "With or without you" has many associated memories- of the time I was leaving home to come here, and of the day I saw U2 live in concert.

Raag Mohana Kalyani is the only raagam left that I can at all remember or can recognize if played. There used to be this particular Tillana that my dad played on the tape recorder at home that I really liked. I remember being snubbed by my violin teacher who told me it was too difficult for me to learn and I should stick to "ra ra venu gopa bala" and master that first. I quit the violin soon after that, and therein ended my stint in carnatic music. Some day, I will pick it up again. But even today, I can play that tillana in my head.

When I first joined my current lab, five years back, I was the first student, mine was the only computer, and then I owned only two cds that I played on the loop in the lab, because I needed some sound besides the sound of me talking to myself. The cds were a compilation of indy rock tracks by local bands of this town I live in. I was not the most familiar with that genre of music yet, but sung along anyway. Those were the days I was learning a lot of things for the first time, all by myself in the lab. I worked long and late hours, purely driven by the excitement of all those new things I was learning, and the challenges of trouble-shooting and debugging. Every 2 hours or so, the background music would repeat itself with unfailing regularity. But it never bothered me- I was too busy having fun.

A lot has changed since then. My taste in indy rock has become very defined, and I would not tolerate some of that crap I listened to on those cds back then. Our lab has grown, brought in company, diversity in music taste, and we moved labs (twice), to much nicer buildings and now have a music system that blares music all day long. I-tunes sharing lets us listen to a wide variety of music from everyone in the building.

But even today, when I pop one of these 5 year old cds in, I automatically become invigorated and motivated to work, the songs (even the crappy ones) take me back to that dingy old lab, my lone self, and that heady feeling of being completely happy and excited and making things work!

Just what I needed today. :)


greensatya said...

Oh yeah, the association of music with situation is universal I guess. Sadly, this also taints some of our favourite music, which we can't listen anymore. :(

Neihal said...

yeah...there are some really cheesy Hindi philum songs but they are associated with wonderful memories, so I listen to them once in a while, and get those stares by the husnband :D.

goody good luck TGFI :)

Sakshi said...

Yep. Muzik is good!
When reading your 2 CDs comment bought a smile to my face. My first comp in school had seen me load Pt.Ravi Shankar and a mixed ghazal cd. Now I think half my comp is filled with songs :)

And we have a rule in the lab that say music that blares should be without words (mixed population and all that). So we play Jazz -coz my boss is a jazz fan ..Everyone other than me hates it :P

qsg said... memories.... wish, not all music would evoke some memories!

shub said...
Oh well! Then I hate you too!
Mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! [ green gree green!]

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, there are the sad associations too. ah well. life's a mixed bag after all.

lol :)

i'd be very upset if they instilled music rules in my lab. although other times, i want to stomp over the speakers blaring country music, so i see how it'd be useful ;)

yeah....i hear ya babe. i hear ya.

lol! i'm glad my show-off plug worked. hee hee hee
U2 was awesome. just plain awesome. AND i didn't have to pay for my ticket. it just doesn't get better.

shub said...

pbthhhbthhhhhhhhhh! :P
[on the brighter side I still haven't seen Bono in concert, so that's something I *can* look forward to :P You? I feeel for you! ] muhahahahahaha!

shub said...

haha! cool coincidence? my radio's playing " I still haven't found.... " :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol. i'm glad you found some way to console yourself. i'm happy for you.

i heard u2 is going to cut down on live shows now.

shub said...

then they shall have private performances for moi! muhahahaha! sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me! hmph!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Shuv said...

hey thanks for the scroll-down-effort! keep visiting..

Perspective Inc. said...

i know exactly what you mean.. for me too some music brings back so many memories..certain smells too have that same effect for me though..
and you saw u2 in concert?? wow!!! lucky lucky you! some serious envy coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.. I know what u mean... some songs always evoke a few memories... and always the same memories...
Music is therapatic!!!

Keshi said...

tnxx for visiting me Girl. U have a great blog here.

And I so know wut u mean...with certain songs n memories. I have a zillion songs attached to a zillion memories...


Clueless said...

Oh, I know *exactly* what you mean. I still listen to songs I've overgrown because I feel I have some sentimental attachment to them. And then there are those that have been forever tainted. Doesn't matter, though. Music. It rules all. :)

Perspective Inc. said...

And yesss Miss Template Snob... I get it, I get it!!! I will never live it down will I?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yo shuv,
you're welcome :)

U2. was to die for. i will post all about it some day,and you and shub can suffer! :)

therapy indeed. :)

thanks :)

indeed- many brought up the tainted bit- i think i'm lucky, i don't have that many sad associations- more happy ones..

hee hee hee hee, no you won't. like what were you thinking? exactly?

Rebellion said...

Aha! Music. Its the best therapy indeed. Works with anything & everything! I remember, back in school days, when I wasn't even all that crazy for music that I am today. Still I never used to go to bed w/o listening to music. In fact, during my exams, after studying, I alwys used to make it a point to listen to some sweet music, even if it was 3 in the night, so that I get some peaceful sleep, instead of worrying for my exam next day! :p

Glad you got wot you found.. Now run towards the line. Go get it gurl :)