Monday, May 14, 2007

All ye terrible people,

No computer at home and I haven't been online in 4-5 days now thanks to the tgfi family circus at home. All the shameless spammers on the earlier post will be taken care of shortly. BE WARNED.


Crazy Dhakkan said...

Yayyy!! ab aayega maza.. please RT, SG, Neihal and Sakshi.. in chaar peepals ko maza chakhana! :D

*takes the most comfy seat to enjaay the show*

Waise, have phun with phamily! :D

Neihal said...


"I won't lie, I love getting comments on here and it keeps me coming back too"

Who said that! Who!

Now we only did what you like, you were the one who did naat show up. Whooj faalt ij that? Huh? :-D

Neihal said...

Atleast ye to batana tha, Graduation ceremony ho gaya kya?

The Smiling Girl said...

Neihal - Haan.. hogaya uska graduation.. isiliye natak kar rahi hain!

The Smiling Girl said...

What re? U r trying to scare me, is it? Remember I will get to meet ur Mom... Be afraid.. vaaary afraid! :D

Shek said...

@Ipanema Girl
I tried being Sherrif and tried to silence the single most annoying source of spamming in the earlier post. I failed. Mujhe maaf kar do!

Janefield said...

hahahhaha! ROFL at earlier post comment space. all mentals in yr house TGFI. it figures no? :D

Rebellion said...

Oye, dhakkan, chup karrr!
*pulls her chair just when she's about to sit* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Humse panga??? :P

Lajjo jee, you listen to me. Neihal, Sakshi & me were just conversing. You know, we've had conversations earlier too, on your comments space PLUS I totalli agree with wot Neihal pointed out :P

This SGee was the one spamming your comments space, also counting the no of spam comments she made. PUNISH HER :P:P:P

Wot say Neihal & Sakshi. I'm rite na?? ;)

Sakshi said...

@Neihal- Ekdumich rite boli tu! Yeh TGFI ki galti hai - ekdam fullto.

@SG - Nice tactic, Mummy ko bolti hon. Worked everytime for me :)

and Rebellion- Let's demand our prize.WE earned. Prize kya hai bolo, TGFI!!

Neihal said...

Daktarni Sahiba it seems you did manage to scare a few ppl atleast, dekho kitna sannata hai yaha par, :P

@SG this what they call black mail, ;-)

@Rebellion and I agree with you in return, not spamming. :D

Jane Humph!!!
You just wait, or rather I am waiting for the day, you get that blog, hah!!!

@Sakshi Haa re, jhuta allegation lagaya hum par.Very Hurt!!

Rebellion said...

@ Jane
Aapko toh main dekh loongi... hmmmppppppppphhhhhh!

@ Neihal
OYE! Darpok kisko bola?? Ohhh, SG ko? Fir theek hai :P
Apun kisise darta hai, kya samjhe? Hum darne walo mein se nahi, darraaaane walo mein se hai ;):P

@ Lajjo
Better come back soon else now i'll really start spamming your space :P:P:P

Neihal said...

@ Rebellion

Darpok,kisi ko bhi nahi,BTW Mam Hitler aur Darpok,hahahaha, what a joke :P :P

ok ok, peace, we should not phorgate, United we stand ;-P

Rebellion said...

@ Neihal
khi khi khi khi. True, united we stand :D
And chill about SG. She knows I love pulling her leg, even thru others ;):P

@ SG
Was just kidding :)

./w said...

Oh, I just heard the Ipanema song in "Catch me if you can". Have been reading you since a few months but had to come down to write a comment now!


The Smiling Girl said...

All u ladies trying to squeeze a prize out of the Lajjo female..
Remember, I am the one with the guts to spam her inbox..
agar tum logon ko chahiye to tum log bhi spam karo uska comment space and inbox.. jo sabse zyada spam karega usi ko milega award...
What say??? :P

And... Neihal, mere aur Aarti ke beech mein chalta hi rahta hain! :P

Rebellion said...

@ SG
SG dear, itne dino se hum aur kya kar rahe hain? But spamming bhi ek dhang se hoti hai. Like the way Sakshi, Neihal & I was doing. Not like you.. 45th comment.. 49th comment.. 53rd comment! Chih! Kya yaar aap bhi!

Chalo, hum sabse ab tutions lene aana. Mera aaj ka lecture finish hua. Neihal & Sakshi, aapki turn! ;) hehehe :P

The Smiling Girl said...

How boring u garals are.. ;)
the old traditional method of spamming is passe... abhi mere se seekho, kisiko gussa kaise dilate hain bolke.. :P

and that Lajjo female better come back soon and better come to India sooner nahi to din mein exactly 100 comments karungi main usko! :P

Sakshi said...

@Rebellion - Sahich baath boli!

@SG- Spamming bhi karo aise ki TGFI ko lage nahi spamming ho rahi hai. It must feel like discussion :P
Like we are doing now..

@Neihal - You turn, lo stage aap ke liye khaali pada hai..

Rebellion said...

@ SG
Openly chori karne mein bhi koi mazaa hai kya? Chori karo toh aise karo ke kisiko pata na chale! ;) :P

@ Lajjo
I knew you wouldn't do it. I sooo looooooooove you >:D<
Stop grinning :P

@ Neihal
Kithe gaayab ho gaye?? I'm sure TGFI's words wouldn't have scared you! ;) Get on stage quick! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

that's it. sab ke sab JHAANWAR!

The Smiling Girl said...

Hehehehe... tu bas boli na... isliye.. :D