Monday, May 28, 2007

Mom, Dad, I have a blog

So with the upcoming trip to India I am excited about meeting up with some of the crazy people I've met through blogging. While planning the trip with my family, I said
"Err.. can we stay in hyd the weekend of 8-9? I want to meet with a friend that weekend."
Mom: Friend? Which friend is this in hyderabad? (i don't have any friends there, my parents just moved there)
Me: Err.. she's someone I met on the internet, and we became good friends..there are two other girls too.
Sis: (keeda): Are you sure it's a she?
Dad: Yes, how can you be sure? I will come with you to meet her. I am hearing all kinds of stories these days about such "internet friends".
Me: (Suppressed ROFL): Dad, they are all girls, we've talked on phone and stuff. But if you're so worried you can come.
Mom (in a worried tone to my sister): I wonder why all her friends are girls
Mom (to me): There's not even a single eligible bachelor among them??



Neihal said...

ahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!

idhar bhi nahi jeene dete udhar bhi nahi....hahahaha

why was I not told of this trip...humph!!!!!!

daga :0

peeth me chura :0


BLEDDY SPAMMERS....ab ye word verification bhi :(

Shek said...

i can fly down to India if you like...only to satisfy your mommy.

Janefield said...


is this post just to get the 'prospective suitors' to line up? ahem....!

Shek said...

Mera pehla number!

Sakshi said...

@Shek -LOL
@TGFI- Let me talk with your mom ;)
I will tell her all about the eligible guys :P

And say no to word verification. pain in the ass!!

Duhita said...

:) You already giving the prospective suitors dates to turn up in Hydie!:p

Rebellion said...

ROFLLLLLL. Perfect ending to the convo! hehehehe

LOL @ Shek & Jane & Sakshi :P
And yeah, no word verification Lajjo jee, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease *makes a sad but cute puppy face* :)

Crazy Dhakkan said...

//There's not even a single eligible bachelor among them?

Gems bond hai jahan, tandurasti hai wahan! ;-) Hehehehhe!

Oh, I can totally relate to this post! My folks also think on the same lines! hahahahahaha!

This "how can you be sure she's a girl" thing is so funny! :D hahahah!

Ab kab aa rahi hai tu!??! :D

Janefield said...


As long as you aren't a Sheikh, there might be hope :P But pray tell why are you so keen to marry TGFI? ;) Ahem ahem ahem!!!! :)))

fafridi said...

>> i wonder why all her friends are girls
LOL at that :))


why oh why would you make me go through this word verification,, esp when i've been so sober and nice, i dint even spam :|
now you have another person sitting with a sad but cute puppy face typing hdntybasdfjhenldine

morcha against word verification, join join

Rebellion said...

Btw, Lajjo, aapke mummy ko bhi sach pata chal gaya?? Khopcha seems to be in dangerrrrr ;):P

I'm gonna be killed for this comment in the next 3-4 days :P

Prashanth said...

LOL! Nearly as bad as my parents asking me why all my friends are girls :)

Anonymous said...

Uuuuuuuuuu... U actually told them this????
I refuse to recognize u now! Period!!!
I cannot imagine how it will be to be scrutinized by a Dad... :(

Born a Libran said...

Well, my mom doesn't say anything... She just lets me be... and she keeps dad in control :)

Shek said...

I am not Sheikh. Here is my name: link
And I never said anything about marrying Ipanema Girl, just ease her mom a bit.

Shek said...

and no body else voluntered....Ipanema Girl...i am your sachha dost.


Janefield said...


It was a pun on your name, buddy!

And looks like you've joined the 'plug-yr-own-blog' movement a la Pri at this space. Its a fight to the finish! Let's see which of you ends up with more TGFI commenters on yr respective blogs! :)))

Oh, and there's no such thing as 'easing moms a BIT'...moms are know just fool 'em! :D

Janefield said...

you just *CAN'T* fool them.


Sayesha said...

I'm a bit lost here... wot's happening? Shek wants to marry our gal here?

Shek said...

I said nothing about marriage...but we can start with sharing mug-shots (like the rest of the junta on if Ipanema Girl is interested ;)

How do we know said...

ummm... errr... All the Best!

Tachyoson said...

the punchline was REALLY at the end .... moms DO have to bring "Eligible Opposite Gender" in somehow , don't they !

its just as awkward this end ...