Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Peeves of the day

1) My favourite lamp broke while packing. :-(
2) This guy came to buy my microwave oven. Of course all my stuff is selling cheap, at the same time is in excellent condition ;).
We got chatting, and turns out he's moving to Philly too, driving, and wanted to buy one and take with him. He just landed a nice industry job. So while I'll be spending more yet-to-be-earned money on a new microwave, this dude next-door will be using MY old one at a fraction of the cost.

Clearly, i don't have any significant issues in life right now ;)


Sakshi said...

And why are you not taking your stuff with ya?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Am flying out of here, going to india for a month. so would have to put stuff in storage etc- was just getting impractical. The decision to get rid of everything and fly out with two bags and one check-in was made after much deliberation, and works out great for me. Except that my future neighbour now has my ex-microwave. :(

Sakshi said...

@ TGFI - may be you can offer to buy it back after he moves it to Philly :P

Shek said...

@Ipanema Girl
Sell everything. But dont be cheap. I know fellow indians that used donated furniture, lamps etc for 2 yrs, then sold it to the unsuspecting fresher.

Go to philly, beware of the roaches and buy new stuff. Atleast Citibank will love you just like they love me. I am their customer of the year.

fafridi said...

but wat did u do with all the daru that u had hidden, i hope u dint hide it in the microwave :P

Janefield said...

lol at fafridi's comment :)))

and rofl at neigbor carrying yr own microwave to philly rofllll....maybe he wl be yr neighbor there also. u can knock on his door every now n then and ask to use yr own MW :P - all this provided he is cute of coz.

Anonymous said...

U r really jobless Lajjo... :P

phatichar said...

Understandable.. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hehe i thought about it :D

yeah- am practically giving stuff away.

HAHAHAHAHAH! :D no, better sense prevailed- i hid them with friends.

LOL. he was cute also waise, i should investigate.

haan be. :)

:-) you think?

Born a Libran said...

Your blog is visited by ppl who are too young... Right now I am holding on to the edge of the popular age categories but come October and I will be out of the in- junta for ur blog... Damn it.. Who came up with said age categories?? you make me feel old :(

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I'm getting lotsa flak for the age intervals. :p. well- remember that the author of the blog is teetering off the edge of that category too, so it's all cool.

shub said...

For a whole MONTH? :O Enjoy!