Sunday, May 27, 2007

This I'll miss

I'll miss being the expert in what I do. After months and years of painstaking trials and failures, I have mastered techniques that once appeared so complicated to me. Today, I do the same experiments with finesse and teach others little secrets that I had to teach myself. I'll miss being the most senior in the lab, and hence the go-to person for everything. "Hey do you know how to work this centrifuge?" - "Ask TGFI". "Does anyone in your lab use this technique" - "Ask TGFI". "We have a gas tank leak in our lab"- "Ask TGFI". Soon my name and number will be erased from the safety signs on the lab door that say "Contact TGFI in case of emergency" and will be replaced by the new lab technician's name. I may have complained about all the additional work I had in the lab, about having to pack it, move it, set it up, thrice. But I have enjoyed my position of importance that came with it. I'll miss my lab, working long hours and coming home at 2 am, tired but at the same time pumped up and enjoying the sense of satisfaction that comes with working long, hard hours, and doing a laborious experiment. Excited at the prospect of seeing how it turned out the next day.I'll miss the parasites, and peeking at them through the scope everyday. I have half a mind to sneak out a vial of frozen down parasites but thankfully, I haven't completely lost it yet to do that. I'll miss my building, where everyone knew me and liked me and were super nice to me. I'll miss the familiar faces and places. I'll miss the warmth of my comfort zone that has been lutom (little university town of mine) for the past 6 years.

When I start my post-doc in July, I will be at the bottom rung again. Asking others how to work their machines or find a reagent, or teach me an experiment. But may be I won't be as intimidated by apparently difficult techniques any more. I would still be able to fix a tank leak or a vacuum pump, those things don't change that much. And I think I will still be coming home at 2 am, and going to bed excited about what to expect the next day.


Tachyoson said...

its no fun starting over from scratch ... but its a new world ... one always misses the old familiar things ... but Change is the only Constant factor.

all the best with your new start!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks, tachy- you are right, change is the only constant, and i guess it's the only way to grow.

Neihal said...

.I'll miss the parasites, and peeking at them through the scope everyday.


okay I need to read it in context, but where is the fun!!

mb said...

I'll miss being the expert in what I do

Nobody can take that away from you, you will always have that command.
I wish you the very best in your next place, have enjoyed reading your writings and following your story.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ahahahahah! :\

hello mb!
no one can take that away from you
it is funny how someone else told me the exact same words! spooky!.

wait- are you Mark? :@
/going to check my statcounters. :p

:-) thanks for leaving that nice comment.

Shek said...

you'll do just fine..
I think you will miss your 'little university town' more than anything else.

Sakshi said...

I heear ya, Sistah!!
Once again this post echoes with what I am going through.. Are you my judwa lost in the mela...

But seriously the past hard work is going to pay off in the new position. You will never be at the lowest rung now- you are a post doc :P

sd said...

Real nice post there. Loved the bit about being excited about research. And totally agree with mb.

"I will be at the bottom rung again" --> I do not think thats going to be true. At the very least expectations will be different, I suspect.

ps: Being able to fix a vacuum pump is very cool. I have been unable to change the light bulb within an ornate lamp in my room. Instead of changing it - I went to Walmart and bought myself a new "for dummies" lamp!

Pri said...

You're one of those few people who actually enjoy doing what they do. That's super duper cool. Now if only i could discover my calling...

Pri said...

Was this an attempt to get into the guinness book of world records for the longest spammiest blog comment ever?

Sumit Tada said...

Me on maun vrat

Crazy Dhakkan said...

//I'll miss the parasites, and peeking at them through the scope everyday.


Suddenly I think the various sections of the assorted acts and other things I am asked to study are interesting! :-)

But well, after July, you'll have a lot more to tell us! :D And so, along with you, even we're looking forward to July now! :D

Oye! word verification?? You know I am half blind! You are exploiting moi! I am harated! :-(

Janefield said...

u go, girl! :D

Anonymous said...

And that is the whole meaning of living life, darling.. loving what you are doing!
That sense of satisfaction is what will keep you going! Enjoy it while you can!

Mosilager said...

You'll be at the top of the totem pole in no time at all. I give it 2 months in the new job before that happens.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) i knew you'd relate.
You will never be at the lowest rung now- you are a post doc :P
true that. wow!

thanks. yes, you are right, expectations will be different. i think i'm just sad at leaving what i had become an expert in to start with something i am a novice in. but as they say, such it is!

and lol @ the lamp for dummies. fixing a vacuum pump can be quite easy (Depending on what the problem is). where is the ornate lampshade now? ;)

:-) you will, in due time, i'm sure.

yeah- deleted the idiot and he came and posted another comment. so now i've anony comments disabled and added wv. in as much as i hate doing it!

kyon be?

:-))) thanks girl, I will have new stories to tell then, yes. and sorry about the wv- was getting spam comments (not the regular spammers, they are okay ;) )


yeah babe!

thanks for the vote of confidence. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


I think you will miss your 'little university town' more than anything else.

yeah! that is probably true. :(

Rebellion said...

Missed this post, dunno how!
Not used to seein you so senti re Lajjo jee but I understnad how it would be.

Challenges are high,
Dreams are new,
The new world out there,
Is waiting for you,
Dare to dream,
Dare to try,
No goal is too distant,
No star is too high :)

Nice to see a positive ending to that post :) Wish ya all the luck. Vaise jab milenge na, tag huggie paake saare wishes personally de doongi, woh bhi Jane se pehle. hahahahah ;) :P

greensatya said...

I exactly know what you are feeling. Got so used to the comfort zone, and new place means even asking where the coffee machine is and how it works ? But this will keep on happening. This is life !

Janefield said...

/looks daggers at Rebellion

hmmmmmmmph!! x-(

Shek said...

join the gang against Rebellion, let by Captain Shek!

It is going to be a tsunami baby.