Thursday, May 10, 2007

To do list

Parents arriving this weekend for graduation. HIDE DARU and all evidences thereof. Eliminate boyfriend/s. Clean apartment.

Take pictures of all household stuff to be sold

Find a loving home for Basanti :'( (my car, not the blogger formerly known as Basanti )
All potential buyers are going through a rigorous screening process

Throw/ give away as much as you can.

Return keys to lab, buildings, etc. I am going to get rich from all those deposits- my lab has been in 3 different buildings over the past 5 years, and I have big fat bunch of keys to return! :-)

Cancel car insurance

Cancel health insurance

Change address at post office

Box necessary papers, kitchen stuff.

Sort clothes.

Wrap up experiments in lab

Download and save lab music

Organize lab computer. Buy a back-up drive to transfer lab data.

Submit manuscript

Organize lab stuff- throw keepsake tubes and other junk.

Empty apartment, clean up, hand over, go.

Three weeks to do all of this. :|

Chang is a new grad student who just joined our department earlier this year from china. He is a really unassuming kinda guy who is still polishing his english speaking skills. We had a hilarious little email exchange.

Me: Hi Chang, yes the futon is yours if you can haul it out of my place. It's heavy so bring some help.
Chang: Thanks, tgfi. I will bring some big boys and come to your apt, bldg G, right?
Me: (ROFLMAO) looking forward to it, Chang. It's G404.


Sakshi said...

You are having BOYS over at your apartment?? chee chee!
This is against our culture.

Effigies will be burnt of all the Chinese guys and you, for not discouraging them :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

*hangs head in shame*

Sujatha said...

Congratulations! Philly is a lovely city, warts included. It was the first city I lived in when I moved to the US, so have fond memories. :)

And chee chee indeed. :)

Crazy Dhakkan said...

//Parents arriving this weekend for graduation.


(I'm so happy I was mentioned on this post! :D Basanti ab dhakkan ban gayi hai! hehehe! :P)

And I don't want to comment on what sakshi says about having "boys" at your appt.

Jane, darling, where are you? :P LOL

chal ab, get back to doing your list! :)

Neihal said...

wah! Parents coming for graduation.

We shall ask for graduations pics as well. :D

I hope it all goes smoothly, the packing and leaving,but i think its going to be very taxing though.

And do we have another airport saga coming up :P :P

*runs back to the safety of her blog* :D

Rebellion said...

//"Parents arriving this weekend for graduation"
Cooooooooool :D

//"HIDE DARU and all evidences thereof. Eliminate boyfriend/s. Clean apartment"
LOL! Realy tough eh? :P

//"I will bring some big boys and come to your apt, bldg G, right"
Wait till Jane arrives here!
**gets her pack of popcorn n pepsi & sits on the most comfortable seat to enjoy the drama**

khi khi khi khi ;):P

qsg said... how did it go with the big boys, huh?

Congratulations on the graduation! :)

Born a Libran said...

Eliminating boyfriend(s) and getting big boys to your appartment in the same breath.... I wonder where this is going....

fafridi said...

finish all daru, hiding wont help,,,moms can find it all. i can help very well with it :P
ps: call me when the big boys are there ;)

Revealed said...

Me too, me too. Same problem. Same deadline. I could cry.

Shek said...

Just how big are we talking about?

Anonymous said...

Abbe... u have fun in having boys over?? wait till I meet ur parents in person!!! :P

Tell me, how does it feel to be vacating from a place where u spent so much time... :)

Perspective Inc said...

wow!! thats a long list.. so did you get em' all done?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hey sujatha
thanks. :-) What is it about Philadelphia and warts? I am looking forward to moving there, anyways.

arre yaar Jane ko mat bulao abhi. :p
this list! not even one thing done! :-(

shaani. no pics and all. give the camel an inch and it takes an ell.

airport saga- damn. i want to say i hope not, but i don't have any great expectations of myself. :p

:-) haan re am very excited.lekin still have so much cleaning to do. daru is all gone. :p lol. jane has no clue, let it stay that way.

ahem. baad mein baat karenge. thanks :)

i thought about that- receiving them drunk or having mom find the daru- both are equally bad options - i have stashed at friends' place. i am suddenly the most popular person here. :-)
hahaha boys came yesterday. more i cannot say.

(hugs). it will get done babe. that's all i know. i know not how, but it will get done!

erm. some things are best left unsaid.

abbe chup! you are not meeting my parents. vacating is kinda happy-sad. i am trying to keep the sadness at bay.

no way, not yet. :(

Neihal said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

Kyun kyun, then we shall pester you to no ends. Muhahahaha *evil grin*


hahahha.....mujhko camel bola...hahaha.

I love camels. :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

shameless camel. :p

Rebellion said...

Coool, 2 down :D

Anonymous said...

I noticed ALL. But refuse to comment. HMMMMMPPPPPPPPPH!!


Tachyoson said...

this was worrisome until i read "3 weeks to do all this"

i supposed you had to do all that prior to the Ma(ter)Pa getting there!