Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two questions

Terribly busy and no time for a real post. But I've a couple questions to ask of you, dear readers of Deep_thought, generally speaking. So please humor me, will ya?

Question #1

Do you ever find yourself googling the name of a person you happen to be missing? I have been doing it a lot of late- even if the said person has no internet persona whatsoever. I wonder if anyone else does that. Weird.

Question #2 (totally unrelated to #1)

How did you find my blog? i.e, how did you land up here? - I'm looking for specifics- whose blog did you find me on, or a blogroll link or whatever..

Lurkers & feed-readers, this is your time to come out of the woodwork and comment. :-)

Tia (Thanks in advance) :)

P.S: 53rd unique person to answer the survey gets prize. :p
spammers will be suitably dealt with. hmm.


A regular lurker said...

I don't do that google thing. That is just plain weird.

I found your blog thru' Desipundit's links. It was the women in academia post, and I think it was one of your best.

Neethi said...

Ans for Q#1- I do that a lot. Somehow,I feel reading something about the person makes me feel closer to them. Sounds silly, but thats how I feel..

Ans for Q#2. I really don't remember how I found your blog. But I regularly visit. I am a graduate student too(just a Masters) nearing the end of my tunnel.

All the best in your future endeavors and hope your PhD hasn't caused any Permanent Head Damage.

Shek said...

A1. I dont google people I miss. I plainly call them up. If I dont have their number, they aint close enough! A past object-of-affection did make me google her and orkut search her but thats it.

A2. You showed up on my blog: this post, dropped 2 cents and asked me to suck on Popsicles. So, the real question is, how did you stumble into my blog???

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

regular lurker,
That is just plain weird
:-o some people are better in the wood work, eh? ;). thanks for the comment, yeah, i quite enjoyed the arguments that spun off that post on women in science.

am glad am not the only weird one. :-). thanks and best of luck to you, glad to know you see the end.
hehe as far as permanent head damage- whaddya think??? ;)

yeah, calling them would make more sense. but sometimes, time, distance and other stuff can keep one back..

lol @ A2. i came to your blog through a comment you made at either neihal's blog or sayesha's blog. i am not sure which one.

Shek said...

@Ipanema Girl
"Other Stuff"!?!? Are you thinking about what I am thinking (fossils)?

Crazy Dhakkan said...

Oh, I google a lot.. I google even people who're dead. Err.. no,not the people who're dead! :| But yes, I do google a lot. Not just because I'm missing them, but at times, just out of curiosity as to what they're up to. People I've lost touch with and all... hehehe!

And at times, I have no intentions of getting back in touch with them,but at times it's just plain curiosity! :D

And I think I bloghopped here! :D :P

Abhi get back to waaark! :D

Anonymous said...

Q1) i did google once for my dear one.

Q2) came to your blog through links from links from the blog of my dear one.



Anonymous said...

Q#1) No
Q#2) youthcurry->desipundit->sayesha->tgfi

another anonymous

Rebellion said...

Why were 2 comments deleted???
As for your questions, I do that a lot. Incidently, the one I google for has almost absolute (whatever that means :P) no internet persona, still I do it :P

Got your link from Sash' comments space.
Wot got me here?
Curosity to know more about you after I saw you fighting with the 'daring girl' for gold :P

Rebellion said...

btw, can I spam your comments space till I reach the prize winning place? ;):P:P

Neihal said...

@Mam Hitler

mere comments the woh :D


aise sawal nahi puchane chahiye. There are still ppl who dunno about my insanity and yours.. *ducks*

phir bhi
A1....yeah....lots of time....I suck at "keein touch" with ppl, out of sight, out of mind ka system hai, and then out of nowhere I remember someone I was friends with or something like that, what else can I do but google.

Now the hardworking (fokti)that I am ....I went to see my archives and then looked into this blog...cant say for sure....wild guess...from Jane or Sayesha's....or bloghopping you remember?

PS: Oh but what I did find out today is our likeness for ERIC BANA :D

Now I am going to watch Troy...:D :D

Neihal said...

oh my guess would be my blog where Shek gave me the genius idea of dealing with my extra-faaannnyyy guests.

Neihal said...

me alone account for four comments here...nahi nahi if u count the deleted ones also....ok I need to stop this :P

Anonymous said...

Did the dear old Lajjo also fall prey to the comment bug? ;)

And yes re.. I do that too... I Google and also search on Orkut to see if I can locate that person... :(

And u know how I landed here re! :)

Shek said...

I dont think Ipanema Girl found me through the Faaaaaany post. She found me when I was venting out in the middle of post-operative stresses and pains. Remember, I was declared the hero of that one...Couldnt have been so funny with stitches in my lower jaw! I may have commented on your blog earlier too. Yes, i use a reader, but do come out of the woodwork often!

Now, stop encroaching on public property!

Sayesha said...

Yeah I google pple at times :)

And I landed here because of the hilarious gold-fights between you and Navs. :D

Neihal said...

what is the prize, pehle batao ;-P

Sakshi said...

1) yes, I do.Just to find more about them. I have tried searching for aquintances from a long time ago.

2) I came here through Sayeshaz. Unlike most here, then I never frequented I hear the gasp!

@ Rebellion - Please spam. I lurk to claim the prize.

JustSo said...

1. I google about people too ... funny what stuff you can get on the net mwahahaha

2. I came here through Sakshi's blog, and ( going in the same vein as the comment above) - I still dont frequent desi pundit.

Klastos said...

1. Yeah, I also do that now an then.

2. You found me. You commented that you hate me.

M (tread softly upon) said...

To Qs 1: all the time :)) including my own :)
To Qs 2: Well that is hard to remember. I am pretty sure it was through someone else's blogroll.
so there!
Is there a consolation prize for being No 23?

sd said...

I certainly “google ppl.” But it is mostly academic peers. Or professors.

I came here from QSG’s blog.

(Waise - What prize did I just miss out on:) )

Neihal said...

TGFI not fair
*shakes head*
not fair at all.

Sakshi zara hato.

Hum yaha subhahu se baithan rahin.

Prize mera hai :P

ggop said...

I google strangers/acquaintances to know little more about them :-)

Came from a comment on Sayesha's page a while ago.

yaakov said...

I think I have googled people to learn if they do have something in the internet world. Found myself once.

I found your blog from Scientic Curiousity. First time here.

Born a Libran said...

Yes... Sometimes... I also google my own name sometimes... I found out I had a publication from my work in undergrad and since then I do it at least once a month. I also check up with my bros are upto any hanky panky this way ;)

From DesiPundit link to some grad life related post which hit close to home... Been a regular (except for a longish break inbetween) since...

Sakshi said...

@Neihal - ja soja!!
Yahan pe hum baithe hai prize ke intezar mein!

@TGFI- see, not spamming but commenting :P
I second Neihal - what is the prize. Bechari ko bata do! Kab se jagti baithi hai comp ke saamne :P

Janefield said...

1) I google people too, especially those I've lost touch with, and also friends and people I know to see what they're hiding from me! So, no, you're not weird, you're in great company :P

2) I think you landed on my comment space, probably around the same time I noticed you on Sash's comment space.

Mo said...

A1 - Yes, of course.

A2 - Bloghopping/ Desipundit - dont remember. Its your name "TGFI" that kept me here.

Neihal said...

Itana sannata kyun hai bhai!

Pri said...

Yes yes this one time i googled a boy and found out he had done a breast cancer awareness walk recently and then i was wondering why and if his mom or someone had had it. [I also stare at his teeth a lot ever since i found out he's a dentist. He does have nice teeth.]

And i found your blog on Mr. Gopalan's blogroll but i do sense some déjà vu. I think i've been here before.

Shek said...

Funny Neihal. I thought I asked you to not encroach any more!!! ;)

Neihal said...

@ Shek and I when did I begin to listen to you or anyone, if you dont believe me ask the author of this blog . She is on the verge of blocking me.


Rebellion said...

@ Neihal
Oyeee! I'm hitler for you everywhere o wot? I thought it was just the official name changing thing on YOUR blog! :P

@ Neihal & Sakshi
Thanks for spamming this space. You both keep doing it. I'll come in the end to pick the 53rd place :D:P:P

@ Lajjo
Errr. Does your last statement in bold means il have to make 18 blogger accounts? :O :P (33+1 comments are done already :P)

Sakshi said...

@ Rebellion - please notice clever daktarni sahiba has sais that the 53rd unique person will get the prize. So let us spam this page and get a bakra to collect it from her :)

qsg said...

Still not at 53? Hmph!

Shek said...

Maybe I should take this as a warning sign and remove you from my confidential blog!!! ;)
Just playing with you Neihal!

Rowe said...

New Entry...Ahem Ahem (Adjusting mic..) hey... :)

A #1. Well I did that once for a good old school friend but Never again...It does seem like a wierd thing to do..but what the hell.. Wierd is good!!!

A #2. One of Shek's comment on my blog had a reference to "the boys" from your Post titled "TO DO LIST"..Acc to him I could use the "China boys" to get my "made in China digicam work ;p "!!!!

Tachyoson said...

ans #1 - yes . i think i started it to find my college-level crushes online(needless to say i didnt find a trace)

ans #2 - , i think you were on the blogroll of someone on there ... not entirely sure.

IdeaSmith said...

Answer # 1: Yes, I do that with everyone who is ANYONE to me. Also search on online networksn (and add or not) and the blog-sphere. I don't think its weird at all. If someone matters to me, knowing about them becomes my business.

Answer # 2: I believe you've commented on my blogs and also on the blogs of some people close to me. I haven't been commenting on your blog much but I follow from a distance.

Sakshi said...

@Neihal, Rebellion - Why are you guys not spamming here?? I had hoped to claim this prize
Uff- ojh. Sab kaam mujhe hi karna padega!

@TGFI - Graduation ceremony over? WE WANT PICTURES!!

Janefield said...

err..not 53rd yet?

Duhita said...

Does 43rd count?:p

Q#1: Of course! So we are normal right?:)
Q#2: The one and only bar where you and TGWSTW had endless fights for the metals at stake, it got me curious:) Whatever happened to her?

Rebellion said...

C'mon girlzzz, kya kar rahe ho?? Haven't reached the 52nd yet??? Jaldi karo yaar. I have to reach in time for the 53rd one :P

Anonymous said...

yeh lo... 45th

Anonymous said...

Aur yeh... 46th...

Anonymous said...

Lajjo donkey hain!

Anonymous said...

Me tired of spamming...

Anonymous said...

Abbe talli female.. uth abhi... aake reply kar comments ko...


Anonymous said...

*thinking if I should leave it at that or not*

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. that was the 50th comment!
And this is 51!

Anonymous said...

I think I will stay back for a little while!

Anonymous said...

Oh wowww.... I win the prize whatever it is...

Thenga to Neihal, Sakshi and Aarti.. :P

this is Comment No. 53!

Anonymous said...

Abhi apun jayega...

Anonymous said...

I sooooooooooooo love spamming Lajjo's inbox! :D

Sayesha said...

SG you ARE a dhakkan indeed! The girl said 53rd UNIQUE comment! :D

Rebellion said...

Ditto to Sash. khi khi khi khi
Plus, Lajjo said "spammers will be suitably dealt with" hehehehe. Wow, this is gonna be F-U-N :D

*puts her black coat on*
I aaabject your honour. This SG has cheated. This is contempt of your blog. Is ladki ko sakt se saktthh sazaa di jaaye :D:P:P

Neihal said...


TGFI I soooooooooooo lurved this post :P

Ab tera kya hoga re SG-iya, heehahahahaha. ;-)

Haa to Aartiji proceed. :P

Neihal said...

oh haa! Sakshi ki baat mana karo.


Shek said...

you girls have stamina. Especially the smiling girl. I take it that it was an un-eventful Sunday?

Sakshi said...

@Smiling Girl - You go, girl!!
And TGFI - Who gets the prize??

And the demand for Pictures is still on.

Rebellion said...

@ Sakshi
//"@Smiling Girl - You go, girl!!"
Yeah. She goes.. she goes outta this blog :P:P:P
(Main pitne wali hoooon ;):P)

hehehe. Chup chap join Neihal & me Sakshi. Else il spam your blog too :P:P:P

Sakshi said...

@Rebellion - hehehe. I am on your side!!
Just egging SG to get her off the prize list :)

The DJ is here :D said...

Hmmmm. Unique user. Thats me :D
And if the 11 spam comments from Smiling Girl be kept aside, I think I'm the 53rd commentator right??

So I take the prize. What is the prize btw, TGFI?

Rebellion said...

@ Sakshi
Hmmmm. Behtar. Hum khush hue :D:P

@ Neihal
Shukriya. Ab hum apni baat ko zyada na badhaate hue, mulzim ke liye kadi se kadi sazaa maangte hai.
Aur ab hum judge saahibaa ke liye wait, arthaat, prateeksha karenge :P:P

@ Lajjo
Jaldi aao yaar! You know I'm very impatient. Can't wait for long :P:P

Thisisme said...

so m i the 53rd one? :D

Thisisme said...

i meant the unique 53rd one :P

regd ur post..
A1- i do that very frequently for ppl who matter to me..i esp njoy googlin my own name..but sadly nothing masaledaar comes up! :(

A2- I came here thru Sash's blog..esp when i saw u n TGWSTW fightin for medals :P

Sujatha said...

1. I have googled, yes, but not someone I'm missing and not if I don't intend to get back in touch with them; and

2. I found you through a comment you left on one of my "Desipundited" posts.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.. all u mere mortals thinking that Lajjo will get to me.. U all dont know my advantage.. I live in Hydie, the city Lajjo will visit soon.. which means, I can stalk her and get to her Mom's house..
phir dekhna kiska band bajega...

And oh well.. prize to mera hain.. Lajjo, list bhej rahi hoon main tujhe! Lekar aana aate aate... :D

Rebellion said...

Lajjo jee, dekho dekho.. This cunning SG is openly uthaoing faayda n blackmailing you! Isse darna mat aap. I'm there with you. Hum sab aapke saath hai. Tusi ghabrana matttt :D :P

Revealed said...

1. Never! Like weird! *eye roll*

2. KG.

For the shortest, most to the point comment one feels one deserves the prize. One does.

PS: I *am* going to India. June 1st. Yippy dee doo dah :)))))

Sakshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sakshi said...

@TGFI - "Yippy dee doo dah" already has her prize, she is going home. So pacify this poor deprived soul and give me the prize ;)

Anonymous said...

Lajjo.. kisi ki baat mat sunna... mujhe prize dena.. check ur inbox, i sent a list also.. :D

Rebellion said...


Sakshi said...

Daktaarni saheeba is flexing her muscles bachcha log..
Be bery afraid...

Anonymous said...

1. Very rarely for ppl I have lost track of.

2. Liked your funny comment on confused blog ("oooh youre that Rohit P!!! screeeeeech!") so came here to check the blog.

3. but not a regular reader, very occasional.


nivi said...

A1: Yep I do google pple - managed to find some people who I had lost touch with that way :D (hmm and here I was thinking I was the only one phew)

A2: Came accross this blog from your comment on neethi's blog (2nd comment up there). reading it here and there and ill be lurking around now I think. also working towards a permanent head damage but still in early stages :)