Sunday, May 20, 2007

What I like about the summers

Lots of posts have been made about summer vacations, nimbu paani, mangoes and playing in the sun. But if I'd to pick one thing I like, it's the good looking boys, their shirt-less-ness, and watching 'em run!

I like :)


Shek said...

Convertible season is my pick. A close second is the cold beers on a warm afternoon at the beach.

Sakshi said...

oh, the real reason I am running in the park :P

Sakshi said...

@Shek - I acutally secnd your option too :)

Pri said...

What? Where? I really need to move. I havent seen a cute looking boy since 1984.

Shek said...

Actually, the best time I had was drinking rum all evening watching the girls frolic and the sun set on Clearwater beach, almost a year back. The cherry on the cake was that some one else was the designated driver.

My rum drinking by the evening sun and greygoose on the rocks by the night sea pretty much stopped since I have had to drive myself to the beach every time. Plus, taking care of a dog eats into one's nightlife!!!

Sakshi said...

@Shek - Ah! I was thinking of getting a dog when I moved. I think I will stick with the cats :)
Nothing is going to come between me, the beach and ogling the boys :)
@TGFI- Still keeping a room for you,.. even though you are leaving me at the mercy of unknown strangers for roomies :(

Sayesha said...

So when can I visit you?

Neihal said...

bhides jaake bigad jaati hai ladkiya. Sach kehati hai duniya.

*wallah! That rhymed. Me poet-in-making, bhorld-walo here I come with my book*

Rebellion said...

LOL! Lajjo jee, sure its more hot in Mumbai ;) hehehehe :P

Rebellion said...

But, the crowd would be better there! :/:P

White Magpie said...

ah!! that's honesty in summer ;)

Anonymous said...

Shameless Lajjo!
My reason to love the summers is Mangoes.. me a achi bachi!:P

fafridi said...

where do u live!!!!! no, no, dont take it as a passing question, i really need to know,,, i don't even know what i've been missing in the name of good bangalore weather. i have to ogle enough to make up for quite some years u know!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i've never owned a convertible, but a sun-roof car comes close :)
and yes, chilling on the beach. awesome. you're lucky to live so close to one.

hehehe, ambling slowly provides better eye-candy than running, i must say. ;)

come on over! there are a good many here. they only come out in the summer!

sounds beautiful- the evening on the beach bit.
see- that's why i'd never want to have anything to do with a dog. :p

even though you are leaving me at the mercy of unknown strangers for roomies
ab yeh naya draama? :-)

you've nine days, eggjhactly

bhorld-walo here I come with my book*

now i will run

LOL! well- i have always maintained that mumbai guys beat all. :p

Hi white magpie!
:-) hehe i am nothing if not honest. ;)

abbe- lajjo kabhi shameless ho sakti hai?

cannot give out address on public blog, saari. but don't worry, hope springs eternal. ;)

Sakshi said...

@TGFI- The pace I keep is more like an amble.. and if you are running you can change directions and follow ;)
And my dramabazi consists of many interwoven parts that never end, always evolve .. now that I won the prize, I have to try for something else ;)

@Neihal - you write, I sing.. will beat Himesh reshhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmaaaayan :)

Neihal said...

@Daktarnis Humph!! you wait...I am going to make this comment box my practice ground.... muahahaha!!

@Sakshi Done!! Well Himesh sells, so we will be rich at least. ;-)

Anonymous said...


You should be banned from entering India!

Born a Libran said...

i like cricket... The whites come out... The bat comes out... The sound of bat whacking the ball... or that of ball hitting the stumps... Man... heaven...

qsg said... much for the bleddy bharatiya naari.... i never ever do that. Ever...! Ever! Hawwwww

Clueless said...

Deep. I like the way you think ;)

phatichar said...

Loved the feel of this blog :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

so says the blogger of the first kiss meme fame. HYPOCRITES ALL!

hmmm- nice. though i never played- it is also something i associate with summer- atleast back home.

sorry to offend your sensibilities.

heheheh :)

hi phatichar!!! :-)
thanks! and i totally LOVE your name. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ sakshi & neihal
sorry missed your comments. :p please, no singing on the blog. ;)

*hands folded*

Sakshi said...

I only listen when my demands are fulfilled..
Singing "Dukhi man mere sun mera kehna...jahan nahi photowa wahan nahi rehna"
*Glass being shattered, ears bleeding everywhere*

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

*passes out the ear plugs*

Rebellion said...

@ Sakshi & Neihal
LOL! Spamming se singing tak?? sayi hai sayi hai ;)
Neihal writes..
Sakshi sings..
Wot do I do??? :|

Sakshi, can we have a more peppy number please? Else, singing tragedy se Ramsay ki horror films tak ban jayegi yahan :P

Rebellion said...

@ Sakshi
Did you read the comments space of 'the fine print'? Lajjo humko darane ki koshish kar rahi hai. HAMEIN? DARRANE KI??

Lets show her what we are :P
Neihal, kindly join in the spamming. Do se bhale teen ;):P:P

Neihal said...

@Sakshi hahahahaha
sahi hai, sahi hai !!

@ Daktanis *sits on the floor, one hand on the ear, the other raised in air (rhyming sake) *

"dukhi man mereeeeeeee
sun mera kehanaaaa,
kabhi mat mananaaaaaaa,
daktaro ka kehanaaa,
aaaaaaaaaaaaa (classical touch hai bhai)aaaaaaaaa"

@Rebellion plis to be joining us ;)

Sakshi said...

@Rebellion - hamein permisan hai spamming ka! Daktarni saaheba says so in writing!
So now - dhinchak number -
Aye kya karti tu?
Aye kya mein karu?
Sun! Suna!
Chale Tgfi ki blog pe?
Kya kare TGFI ke blog pe?
Likhenge,gayenge, use satyange.. aish karenge aur kya!!

Wah wah!! Now to more classical ishtyle by Neihal..
Rebellion aap next!

Janefield said...

obviously we can see wot this girl gang likes to do in summer!!! :))

daaktarsahiba, you close yr ears and keep eyes only on ecoli ok?

phatichar said...

oh..thx :)

Tachyoson said...

well i got two 'answers to life' this week ... this is the first one ...