Monday, June 18, 2007

We are on a break

When I left lutom I was taking comfort in the fact that one thing that would remain the same would be the blog, my comfort zone to vent and rant and suchlike. However, now that I am no longer a  grad student vacillating between highs and lows of grad school, am no longer  in that apartment, sitting on my futon avoiding work and  blogging, it doesn't seem the same anymore. I cannot relate to blogging anymore, and have lost interest in both writing and reading other blogs. Perhaps it's because I am mostly vegetating at home, and have nothing to rant, bitch or talk about. [Actually I do, but don't feel like putting fingers to keyboard and typing it out]. I feel like a selfish friend to my blog, using it when I needed a vent and now I'd much rather talk things out with my mom and dad, close friends that are in the same time zone and a phone call away, or just let things pass. May be I'm taking the lazing thing much too seriously. ;) May be it's plain and simple ennui, or may be I've outgrown the whole blogging phenomenon and am ready to move on to something else. May be it's simply because I have no more impending deadlines and hence no need for distractions. May be it's all of the above. May be it's none of the above.

May be it's time for a break, or perhaps even a new avatar. I'll be back.

Or may be not. Either ways, it's been a fun ride, thanks for sharing it with me, all of you. :-). Be good, y'all.


shub said...

tum aisa nahi kar sakte!!! Just go take a break and get your ass abck here!

greensatya said...

Take your well deserved break. Would be waiting for you here !

Shek said...

you seem to be going through a similar phase that I am. Only mine is definitely temporary.

I remember getting into HTML coding in the middle of my last semester. It was a semester laden with 10 credits, a job search and a part time job to pay for roti, kapda aur makan. But I enjoyed designing my website more than anything else only because it was a distraction and something completely different than what I was doing for the rest of the 23 hrs a day.

Semester ended and so did the lust for html coding.

You may have outgrown the blogging phenomenon or may simply need a break till you get back to your vacant life in the USA. No offense, but it is the emptiness that most of us try to fill through comments and posts. So, whatever it is, temporary or permanent, good luck to you too.

Janefield said...

blog is also taking a holiday? :P

good to hear that you are enjoying yr break. thanks for all the fun times and hope to see you back someday! :-)

jane-who refused to do melodrama on this blog for once :P

Coco Captive said...

Enjaaai the break lady... and be in touch!

Sayesha said...

Take a break, have a Kit-Kat and break the break.

anantha said...

Silent reader here. Prompted to comment because of a comment I saw on another blog. Is that really you who commented on confused's Rajini post?

Good one, btw. If my ragged Telugu comprehension is right, he deserved it ;)

And oh, a break is good. Permanent departure from the blog - not good.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:o. as you say, ma'am. :p

yeah, perhaps i'll be back. I knew that posting that would make me want to come back sooner. ;)

no offense taken. there is some truth to what you said about the emptiness. not so much emptiness, but a lot of stress in my last year that blogging provided respite from. when i go back, the stress is sure to return.

and why no melodrama for me? hmph

coco captive whatever,
yes yes, we'll be in touch, of course. you owe me a few things, you know. ;)


hi anantha,
sorry to disappoint, that comment was in pure jest, i couldn't care less about rajnikanth and would've cussed at confused in english if i really meant it. ;)
yeah, i will probably come back to blogging sooner or later :)

Neihal said...

you do know what happnd to Ross and Rachel when they said that. :P

Enjoy TGFI. Enjoy you ur break. :D

But u better be back!!!

Sakshi said...

@TGFI- Just promise to let me know the alternate url :P
But keep prowling the blogosphere while taking the break :)

LOL at Neihal's comment

Shek said...

thats funny.

@Ipanema Girl
My emptiness, your stress, shame 2 shame.

when Ipanema Girl lets you know the alternate url, you let me know, alright! Otherwise, you will never know where I am blogging when I pretend to not blog at my usual crib!

phatichar said...

enjoy the break

sumit said...


musafir said...

enjoy your break.. :) hope you are enjoying the monsoon time here.

Klastos said...

I hope you come back. The blog is almost an obligation over here, but I spend a whole lot of time reading blogs in the States. Yours is one of the rare few that isn't a waste of time.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:) hehehehehe
yeah, i'll be back..answering comments makes me want to come back!

I don't make promises I can't keep. ;)

yep, sorta same.

:) thanks

oye! tu zinda hai! ;)

hi musafir!
not much rains here, but the ocassional showers are nice and cool

:) thanks. i hope life is treating you well there.

Rebellion said...

:O :O :O
Break tak toh theek hai, aage nahi badhne ka! Else you know wot Sakshi, Neihal & myself would do :D:P Wot say girlz??

Enjoy your holiday dear. YOu definitely deserve all the lazing around, after the sleepless nights n stress you've gone thru past few months :)

Confidential. Only for Sakshi & Neihal to read :P
Psst.... WV off hai ;):D:P

ferret said...

here we are patiently waiting for one break to be over, and you break the news of another break. dont break our hopes by saying 'may be not!'
It better be just a break, nahi to...!!!!!!

- what a relief, no wv
Hav fun :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

abbe wv nikaal diya tum logon ke liye. misuse will not be tolerated. :@

what pressure! i think i'm back. may be. ;)

Rebellion said...

@ Lajjo
Confidential ka matlab samajh aata hai?? Only coz its your blog matlab personal messages bhi padhoge?? hmmpphhhhh :P

And wot misuse? We're good girlz. We make it a point that this place stays active n happening and your readers get back to all the excitement. Right sistahs? ;):P

Sakshi said...

@Rebellion - Right you are!
And shame on you, TGFI - hamare message padhe ja rahe hai!