Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yeh hai Bambai meri jaan

No concept of personal space
What goes of my baap?
What's in it for me?
Incessant door-bell ringing
Having to regularly report my whereabouts and plans to my mom
Rushing pushing leching staring

Pani puri samosas jalebis pav bhaji masala dosa falooda dabeli
people people people
raste ka maal saste mein
fresh normal sized and tasty fruits and vegetables
Old friends
familiar streets

I'm home :)


Sakshi said...

So are you in Hyd or Mumbai?/
*Hides from TGFI's wrath*

Shek said...

good for you....yenjoy

shub said...

have fun! >:D<

Pri said...

Damn it! Just when i was almost done brainwashing all of your fans i mean readers, readers of course!

By the by what did u think of the movie?

Neihal said...

khush to bahut hogi tum?


sd said...

Sahi Hain!! Enjoy!

Born a Libran said...

enjoy the crowds... Make it to BAde Miyan's if poss...

qsg said...


Rebellion said...

@ Lajjo
Welcome home :)

@ Gems
I love you re. I still have one left with me. Gimme a chance to welcome you too ;) hugs >:D<

Shek said...

now who is gems here?

Tachyoson said...

enjoy HOME ...

qsg said...

Okay RT - then I might just have to make the trip - now don't give it to anyone else or I will be even madder!!!!!!!!!

Rebellion said...

@ Gems
Alright! Even if I meet the udder two sistahs before you, I won't give it to them. They do deserve some punishment, right? ;) Waiting for ya dear and don't get mad at me :'( Meri koi galti nahi hai, aapko pata hai. I'm a innocent gurl, thoda toh rehem karo is bachchi par ;):P

Sakshi said...

@Rebellion - WAAAAAAAAAAH! I want some hugs too. I have no chance of going home.. for so long ......

qsg said...

@Sakshi: Take a number! ;)

Crazy Dhakkan said...

Welcome home!! :-)

Hugs to you babes!!

Rebellion said...

@ Sakshi
Loads of hugs to you too babes. Vaise Lajjo & myself ate pani puri on your behalf! :P Sowwieeeeeeeee >:D<

Sakshi said...

@Rebellion - Hmph. Ek bechari ke dukh pe hasso.

Rebellion said...

@ Sakshi
LOL! Bichari?? koun koun? who's the 'bichari' out here?? :P

Perspective Inc said...

How I envy you!! you've got me missing home real bad now!!!
Have a great time girl!!

phatichar said...