Sunday, July 01, 2007

The post that never was

You know how we sometimes mentally blog about things we plan to blog about? When I came here to India, one of the first things to hit me was that none of my beautiful indian clothes I had left here two years ago fitted me any more. It was super depressing, the fact that I gained more inches and even more so because these were beautiful churidaars I had rarely worn. I was not even in a mood to make resolves about losing weight and fitting into them, I have other, more recently bought clothes already in that category. Anyways, it was a post that was forming in my head, but I then found a few clothes that actually fitted me and I was thrilled to bits. The sad post was now morphing into a happy post in my head. I never really got around to blogging about any of that.

Soon enough I had just begun enjoying having my clothes ironed by the dhobi, instead of having to do this chore myself. I had forgotten what a luxurious feeling it was, to have all my clothes ironed and ready to wear, so I could choose from several, instead of having to decide what to wear based on whether it needed ironing or not, how much time I had, etc. More happiness to blog about, I thought. However, the dhobis here in Hyderabad (like most services) are extremely slow. They pick up clothes for ironing and do not show up for days together. Overall, I cannot help comparing the work ethic in Hyderabad to that in Bombay, where things are mostly delivered on time, as promised. Here, maids and drivers show up late or never, tailors and dhobis take their own sweet time to return stuff, and things are never ready in the store the day it is promised to be. Now, a mighty rant was soon replacing all the happy thoughts in that "post in progress" dancing in my head. Even that irritation slowly subsided as I learned my way around here, lowered my expectations and stopped comparing, thus making the best of my vacation, and the post that was never made started dying its own death.

Last evening, the dhobi  came back with my clothes that were given for ironing last week. There were large, gaping holes in two of my dresses, of the only three that fitted me from my old haul. Rats ate them up, she said, and even made a half-hearted attempt at insinuating that the rats were in our house and we had given partly eaten clothes to the her for ironing. I all but cried, to see my two beautiful kurtas and one  dupatta , all of which I have hardly worn, destroyed beyond recognition or repair. The grief has finally made its way into this post, as I see  the maid use these newfound colourful bandhini printed scraps of cloth for cleaning around the house.



qsg said...

Awww - that's a bummer! The good news though - you are in the land of the best possible clothes! Go, splurge! Shopping fixes everything...except the credit card! :D

qsg said...

BTW - Gold!

qsg said...

Because, I don't bother about stupid competitions around Gold, Silver, etc - I didn't even notice, simply commented on the post, to make you feel better!

qsg said...

BTW - I got Gold, Silver, and everything else too! hahahahahahaha



Born a Libran said...

Seriously even I feel bad for u... and thats a big let down...

Neihal said...


cruel..very cruel..but on the upside...I like QSG's idea...retail therapy and justified too...what more u want babes :D

Go Shopping !!!

do we get to see u here ( also :P

Sakshi said...

@Gems - Pliss to be putting this effort on your blog :P

@TGFI- AWWWWWWWWW. But look at this way - you get to buy new clothes that fit :D

qsg said...

@Neihal: Kya re - that place is boring. This is fun! I like this form of blogging! Commenting! :D

@Sakshi: Et tu Brutus?

Pri said...

i told mother your sad news. she was sitting right here and wanted to know if i was chatting with strangers online [she thinks thats about the only thing people do online for so many hours] anyway she wants me to tell you that colourful bandhini is not the best material for cleaning the house. "ask her to use the salwar part at least no if its some cotton/linen material." so there.

also 1 get a new dhobi and 2 make sad mournful faces so your dad will take u shopping pronto.

shub said...

ouch. On the upside, MORE REASON TO SHOP!

Shek said...


this is Ipanema Girl's attempt to distract us from talking about her engagement/marriage plans with a good andhra boy from 'there only'.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

your thoughtfulness is much apprecaited, thanks. :p

yeah. :-(

yes, more shopping has been going on, notwithstanding this tragedy :p

:\ yes, newer better clothes are being bought, that fit too! ;)

ROFL!! was that your mom or my mom? please inform aunty that the bandhini was being used only for superficial purposes like dusting shoe cases.

yes, dhobi has been fired, and wardrobe is being replenished. i have made mourning quite apparent here.

yeah! :) but still- nothing can replace two year old clothes that fit! :(

no worries, i will post on my engagement and shaadi to nice andhra boy separately. for now, please let the focus remain on my life crisis.

Janefield said...

o gosh! gaping holes in bandhini?! i so feel yr pain...bandhini is one of my fave textiles...thoda sa out of fashion hai abhi FYI...looks like the rats did u a favor :P

Rebellion said...

Awwww. I understand how you feel babes. But great pieces of advise you got here. Kal aao, majje mein aapki acchi shopping karati hoon :D

Rebellion said...

@ Gems
No matter how much you try, you can't, just CAN'T win the tital from me :P

Shek said...

@ipanema girl
that was a quick reply. I will comply and not change the focus.

your woes made me remember the dude who brought in a pajama from the USA all the way to india because the string had come off and he couldnt put it back in. He was phD material too ;)

Anonymous said...

Tell me where she lives, and I will send my men around and get things straight for u..
meanwhile, u can use my dhobi.. :)

Sumit Tada said...

I am also in a similar situation ,regarding the new city and "posts-that-should-be-written", and not the dhobi etc ;)
Our guest house charges 15 Rs for washing a hanky! So, no option for that!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

bandhini may be outta fashion, but it looked pretty and it fitted! :(

:). yeah, i think only bombay shopping is going to fix this crisis, nothing else.

ROFL! the string is called naada and i am an expert in putting it back, even without a safety pin. hmph.

ab rehne de yaar. hehehe ok i will use your dhobi. :p

hahaha glad you don't have same dhobi woes. blog about the rest, please. :)

Rebellion said...

USE my/your dhobi??

Shek said...

@ipanema girl
I know it is called naada....but that student is doing post doc now! Just checking your basic strengths.

RIS said...
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Tachyoson said...

damn rats.