Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heppy Budday to me!

While I usually like to make a big deal of birthdays, (yeah, even mine); I really wanted to have nothing to do with my birthday this year. I wanted to sulk and brood and was in no celebratory mode. But then I stumbled upon this post by sheer chance and it struck a chord.

"Suddenly you wake up and realize that, many years ago, on this very day, you brought joy to your parents just by becoming present."....

I had never thought about birthdays like that before. Indeed, birthdays belong to the parents. Calls/mails/smses came in - friends (both real and unreal :) ) who cared enough to remember and call/mail in spite of everything else - all just to say "Happy Birthday". And of course, my little niece who has apparently been waiting since yesterday to scream excitedly into the phone "Happy Birthday to youuuuuu tgfi-pinni!" :)

Awww. How can I not be happy?

Life begins at 30: I have a year to do my homework!

P.S: And now if you will all excuse me, I have an hour long massage scheduled. :)

P.P.S: Yes, you can all each buy me a drink of your choice, I am partial to margheritas and vodka-anything. No beer please. Thank-you. :)


Neethi said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!!! Birthdays ARE a big deal for my parents. My mother just loves to think of me as a kid still. Even as each birthday makes me grow (in all ways).

qsg said...

Happy Budday dear friend...drink it up - live it up! :) Have a great day ahead...

Born a Libran said...

Happy Birthday yaar... Have the same feelings abt b'days but I got some gifts this year that made me forget abt the pain of being a yr older...

sd said...

Here's wishing you a great year ahead!

Sakshi said...

Happy Birthday to you...

Now pliss to send me my piece of cake, drink and party gift.

shub said...

happy birthday to the youngest sounding and youngest looking (we all have a mental pic, no?) 29 year old I've never met! :) Have a fabulous year and keep on blogging!

Raj said...

Happy Birthday! :)

ggop said...

Happy Birthday!
Cool - you share my husband's birthday, its going to be so easy to remember in future.

Janefield said...

hoppy budday darling :)

Pri said...

birthdays are fun! especially when they include hour long massages. and i don't know about who they really belong to but my mother always makes sure she narrates the entire story to me every year... some 48 hours leading upto my birth.. happy birthday u!

musafir said...

belated birthday greetings tgfi. may every moment of you life be filled with happiness and love.


ferret said...

heyy happy happy budday. and you should try this new gin drink i recently had,, it is ossum,,,,damn now i don't remember anything apart from gin about it, huh i'll have to make that guy throw another party now :P
btw u have unreal friends!?! o maybe they come free with the phd :D

Snowbeak said...

Happy Buddae!

-That was the peach margarita

Coco Captive said...

How about Blue Curacao and a round of Pictionary? :)

Happy Budday, buddy! :)

shub said...

annnd I just realised, you share a bday with someone else I know. And she's a blogger too! holy cow!

Deeps said...

Belated Birthday wishes :).

Klastos said...

Sorry for my lateness. Happy birthday!

Prashanth said...

Happy Birthday TGFI Pinni :)

rgb said...

happy birthday

erimentha said...

Two days after you wrote this, my aunt in Hyderabad sent kova-kajjikayas all the way to Delhi for my mother, because my Mom had cravings for them when she was pregnant with me.

Belated wishes for a wonderful year ahead, tgfi!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks! yes, i think that parents are entitled to the celebrations more than us. :)

thankya babe. :)

thank-you.. what gift did you get? ;)

thanks yaar.

thanks sistah! .
umm cake? cake? kidhar gaya cake?

awwwww. BIG HUG and thank-you! yeah, the blog's here to stay methinks. :)


wow. your husband must be a really nice guy. ;) thanks. belated wishes to him from me!

mucho gracias. :p

aww! your mom does that? thats cute! thanks for the wishes girl.

thank-you musafir. :)

heheheh. send that guy over here! thanks babe.

hi snowbeak!
thanks! and that was yum! :)

sounds perfect! thanks babe.

omg! thats freaky. :o do you read my preevate blog? :@ ;)

thanks dear! how are you doing???

thanks for the wishes man. :)

hehee. thanks kiddo.

hi rgb! and thanks !

kova kajjikayas? wowies! what a sweet thing to do. does that mean two days later you had a birthday? if so, happy birthday belatedly to you too!

Born a Libran said...

I got clothes from parents (they had packed it and hidden it in my cupboard before leaving), camera lens from a friend, and a Wii game from another friend... Good deal?? :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

that was such a sweet thing for your parents to do. :) rest of the gifts sound way cool too! great deal!

its me said...

Many Many Happy returns of the dayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
Hope you had a good time...

Have a greatttttttt year ahead!!!! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks its me,
:) yeah i had a great day..

Sanyukta said...

Belated Happy B'day :)

Looking forward to reading another post from you. Happy Blogging, too.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Thanks sanyukta! :)