Monday, October 08, 2007

My first you tube post

(yeah, I'm late to this party)

One of the gems in this awesome dhinchaak autorickshaw myoojik CD gifted to me by this blog friend when we met in bombay.

KK's crazy almost shirtless dancing is delish and the song has me dancing in my head on my worst days.


Coco Captive said...

*reaffirm to self*
I love KK

Now, havent u watched the movie yet? If you have ,then this song is all the more fun. I feel watching this song is much fun than listening to it...

shub said...

Oh brilllllllliant song and KK rocks as usual :D Yup, watch the movie if you haven't :)

qsg said...

I lou this song... and he is excellante...!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yes watched the movie. one of the few non-serious dvds i picked up from india. enjoyed the movie very much.

yeah, the move was loads of fun. my favourite bit was ranvir shorey saying "gadheda" . :D

yeah, he is even more attractive here.