Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rants R Us

Don't say I didn't warn ya. Nothing happy or feel-good about this post. It's pure unadulterated rant.

1) I hate my apartment. The apt.was fixed up by my lab and I thought that was super convenient: really inexpensive by the city's standards and a ten minute walk to the lab. When I asked about it while interviewing, everyone who had lived there said with a shrug of shoulders "it's allright.it's nice.." . Next time someone shrugs their shoulders and says  "it's allright.." they mean it sucks and they don't want to tell you that. So well, first of all, the concept of cross-ventilation does not exist in this building. The building is stuffy as hell and when I enter in everyday, I am greeted by a mixture of smells: international cooking aromas and laundry smell all mixed up in the carpeted hallway. My apartment is on the topmost floor and gets a whole lot of sun which I'd typically like. But, by the time I hold my breath and run up the stairs to my apt, I feel like I am entering a hot furnace of sorts, causing me to want to leave right away. The only thing that keeps me is the horrible stuffiness that I'd have to endure to get out again.  There's barely any storage space in the kitchen and since I haven't bought any furniture yet all my masalas are sitting in zip lock bags in a carton. For now I have three pedestal fans positioned all around my futon to help me sleep, so that there's only so much I can do to avoid tripping over one of the wires or bang into one of the fans when I wake up every morning having forgotten the previous night's placement. Well, with the winter around the corner, I guess I won't be complaining about the heat for too long. For now, I hate my apartment.

2) Someone stole my bike light. Who does shit like that? I hope you rot in hell.

Thank you for the listening.


sd said...

"It is alright" Always meant "I do not like it, but I have to be politically correct" .

BTW: You are welcome!

qsg said...

*hugs* awww poor baby - that's okay. I am apt hunting too these days - it's helpful to know what "alright" means! :p Keep smiling! ;)

GuNs said...

Ouch... maybe you can move in as a PG with someone in another place?

AND ROTFL about the bike light! Who does that, yeah... why not steal the bike itself?


Pri said...

awwww eesokay, like you said winter will be here soon. i cant wait either.

Born a Libran said...

Campus housing sucks.. More so in cities... Makes the match stick size housing in Bombay looks like luxury mansions at times... I know how it feels...

PS: worst theft - pedals of bike - happened to a friend of mine... Didnt know whether to laugh or not when he mentioned it...

Coco Captive said...

Oh u poor baby! I will shoot that thief down and kill him, and see that he rots there!! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

how come i didn't get that memo?

happy hunting! :)

yeah PG and all won't work now, i've signed a damn lease for a year. :/

thanks babe

yeah my campus hsg in lutom was actually pretty good...
so sad about the pedals. i hope you didn't laugh. :@ :)

yes please. :)