Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's on my mind #2

FYI, w.o.m.m is a new series on this blog, extremely random, the main goal being to vent.

Downstairs desi neighbour. Plays LOUD desi music at night. Now I do not grudge him the loudness, the apartments are really not soundproof here. But the music is always sad songs or ghazal stuff. Like "tum aa gaye hoooo....noor aa gaya hai..." and "Tujhse naraaz nahin ...zindagi.." and lots of stuff in similar tone that I wouldn't even recognize, except for sad tones.

I mean, for real? So much depression comes every time I open the window or go to the bathroom.

Now I am beyond those volume wars where I turn up my music just to drown neighbour's annoying music. But methinks its time to go over and introduce myself and lend him my dhinchaak bollywood cd, and introduce him to the likes of this.


Raj said...

Hmm, a suffix #n to the name would be good to tell between the different w.o.m.m. posts.

So he's a fan of ghazals! Thats not too bad! I have to listen to extremely loud Kannada (a language I don;t understand!) songs every morning at 6:45. Now thats real torture!

But yes, depression is rather contagious so introducing him to new music might help. I just hope he doesn't look down upon dhinchak bollywood music. Some people do!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

suggestion taken. :)
i sympathise with you for having to listen to stuff at 6:45 AM. that is definite torture. have you taken it up with your neighbour yet?

ferret said...

but who listens to ghazals at such loud volume,, i think he is dhinchak music lover turned ghazal lover and he'll be ever thankful to you if you can revert him.

sd said...

I agree with ferret. Who listens to Ghazals in loud volume. That is like a beautiful paper written in a caps lock.

Sakshi said...

You can gift him head phones?
As a "I think you need to internalize your pain and spare me, but glad to be your neighbor and pps pliss to let me know when you are going to slit your wrist gift so that I can call cops and remove the body" gift.
And I agree with the comments above - no true ghazal fan blasts the soft, melodious tones.

Anonymous said...

your URL contradicts your blog title..but i have got the url right.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

heh. so i will be doing us both a favour. :)

i wouldn't know about listening to ghazals on high volume, but thanks for the analogy, it makes sense now. :)

headphones will cost money. the cd i can burn one for free. in his defense, one doesn't have to "blast" music in these apartments for it to be heard by neighbours.


Rays Of Sun said...

Hahha..I hear ya girl..
I live on the 7th floor from where there is a pretty sight of green trees each time I sit on the window sill!!
However, this desi (woman/aunty) who lives upstairs introduces me to varied types of curries and veggies when I am HUNGRY!
Next, am gonna tell her to pack me some dinner if she gets me hungry..after a long day when I even dread going to the kitchen to make tea..forget making dinner:P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

did you wrestle a free dinner yet? that would drive me crazy.