Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm so happyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

I haven't been this happy in a long long time. This friend came back into my life. With the news of having just successfully defended a Ph.D! I am still not sure which is the bigger news. I haven't heard myself laugh out so loud and so heartily in a long time. I haven't stopped grinning since we talked on the phone. And no, there wasn't any room for sorries or what happeneds. We just caught up and moved on.

Heartiest congratulations to you, Dr.M! I wish I were there to celebrate with you, help you vacate your apartment, pack up and take that one-way flight out of lutom. Just like you were there for me. But we will have to celebrate at a later point.

For now, I am going to continue grinning from ear to ear and jumping around my apartment till my neighbours complain. :) And I might buy my lab mates beers tomorrow. :) In honour of your big day!

Things can only get better from here. :D

Free drinks on the blog to everyone ova here!


sd said...

Here's wishing best of luck to your friend. And... thanks for the drink:)

Janefield said...

cheers!!! congrats to you and your friend :)

p.s. thanks for the free booze :D

Janefield said...
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Janefield said...
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qsg said...

I am drunk, orready!

sd said...

I must be drunk too like QSG - This is what I did ( and I am realizing this after like 6 hrs of the incident) - I wished my department head "Have a good weekend" today aka on a Tuesday evening!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop distributing daaro like this ............

qsg said...

@sd: LOL - considering this is a big holiday week - I think it's fairly excusable! but, still LOL :)

Pri said...

ess. i wud like one kalyani beeer pliss. chilled. make eet fast. also if u r haawing any of that kadalekai with onions and lime i wud like one plate.

greensatya said...

Congratulations to your friend and you !

From now onward, I am going to be regular on your blog.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:) thanks man. hope you're sober now. :p

thankyoo babe.

sambhaalo apne aap ko. ;)

LOL!!! :)) how did your head of dept. react??

what on earth is kadalekai with onions? like onion pakodas? i might make some today. :p

thanks! and WHERE have you been???? welcome back!!!!

La vida Loca said...

congrats to Dr.M
Thanks for the beer :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hello vida loca,
thanks, and you're very welcome. just don't drink and drive. :p