Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More w.o.m.m (#4)

Sometimes its nice to have a heart to heart chat with someone who knows you but has no clue what you have been doing or been through in the past several years. You get some objective reasoning, some frank advice unbiased by any a priori knowledge. And it's up to you to take what you get and make sense out of it.

I've lived in the USA for six years now. Heck, I have been Americanised a good deal. When it calls for it, I will stand up and argue for some of the practices in this country. It's not because I feel obliged to, but because I see the sense. This doesn't always go down well with some folks: especially those that revel in America bashing (I do too) and are suddenly surprised to see me on the other side.

(Or may be it's that devil's advocate thing that's actually annoying them..)

One more random peeve: I really hate blog posts written in third person style. "One thinks one must get over this one business and say "I" instead" like that style. The other kind that annoys me is the first person plural, or the royal we, that only few can pull off.

And and and I have a terrible allergy or itchy eyes syndrome or something. Have resorted to squinting when I'm not gouging my eyes out. I know I need to see a doctor or something (or benadryl) but I just don't want to see a doc. May be if I close my eyes it will go away. heh.


Born a Libran said...

Incorporating what's good and leaving what's bad is always a good policy... irrespective of the source...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

absolutely. some people wont look beyond a single viewpoint, though.

ggop said...

Meh. The royal we does not work for anyone!
I feel weirded out when new moms talk about their babies/toddlers like so "We won't eat anything, we wan't to play." :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hehehee. i never heard that- that would weird me out too!