Sunday, November 11, 2007

W.o.m.m #5

On personal blogs

I find that I enjoy personal blogs that describe all and more about grad-student/post-doc life that i can so relate to, blogs that describe nitty gritties of other lives that I have never led and will never lead, blogs that present an interesting p.o.v on issues I have no clue about, blogs that are well-written, mom-blogs that revolve around the upbringing of children (to some point only, yes). But the one category of personal blogs I have no stomach for is those that describe relationship stories and draama in all their glory: even if I can tell that they are very well written, sans mush and such.


Born a Libran said...

Whyever? I say bring pop corn and watch another Bollywood story in the making...

Sakshi said...

You hate my blog? I was planning on doing a senti=penti love story (yes, no need to point out it would be fictional. Hmph)WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..
Sniff.. sniff

Patrix said... no more wedding posts on my blog I guess.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i guess thats the point- i've never had much of a tolerance for bollywood movies either..

LOL!! :) no, no, in your case, i will make an exception for senti penti posts. ONLY if it is a RL post, not fiction. :p

:) nah- wedding / planning posts can be very interesting. i'm talking about the kinds that focus on relationships- sort of like love stories or whatever.

drat. i forgot, i was supposed to ignore your comment or do something mean.

qsg said...

I will have to shutdown my blog. Ok.

Sakshi said...

We test your love for senti posts. We wrote part one :P
Of our 'fictional' love story :D