Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Am back in cold, cold Philly. My dad is recovering very well and should resume all his normal activities in a couple weeks, for now he just needs lots of rest. It was really hard to leave this time, but I tried to convince myself, by way of explaining to my parents, how important my work is and what kind of cool science I am doing here. The truth is, I have yet to form any kind of bonding with my work. Heck, I was still working on specific aim #3 of my proposal when the call came and I had to pack up and leave. So things are very much in their conception stage, and I feel very little attachment. Perhaps, after a small amount of re-acquainting, I will be more enthu. Right now, I only feel a bit overwhelmed at all the catching up I need to do in order to get things back up and running. So overwhelmed that I'd rather crawl into bed and go to sleep, instead of getting out in the cold and going to the lab. A very familiar feeling, the repercussions of which I am all too aware of. So I hope to keep that feeling at bay and get my ass to the lab soon.

Until now, things have been pretty frenzied. When I got the phone call and decided to rush home, I first called my international advisor here to see if I could travel easily. If there's one good thing I did, it was getting my F1 visa renewed in Canada while in year 5 of grad school. (or was it year six? god knows! ). The valid visa helped me travel to India after graduating and take that long vacation few months ago, and allowed me to travel this time on my O.P.T with minimum hassle. All I needed was a new travel signature from my old school in Lutom: when I called them that morning, they decided to print me out a new I-20, sign it and fedex it overnight. Next I found a really nice travel agent at mahabazaar travels who found me a seat on a flight to hyd for the next day; and it didn't cost me any limbs. Then I had to stop my experiments at a stopping point, freeze down stuff and wrap up tiny things in the lab. Thanks to my dilly-dallying over buying a laptop, I spent some time organising my data onto usb sticks to take with me to India: I wanted to be able to work if I found the time, and I actually did get a small bit done. Then I had to pay off bills: I'd yet to set up my utilities on auto-pay. Of course, the bills had been lying around for several days, but if i didn't pay them off before leaving, I'd come back to a cold and dark apartment. I had to empty the fridge, clean up the apartment, do laundry, go to the bank (because I misplaced my atm card and didn't bother getting a new one for days: but then I'd need the cash in india) and other such tasks. I am thinking back to see how many things I could've avoided in the last minute frenzy if only... Sigh. Some things never change, I guess. But it kept me busy and kept the worrying at bay for most part. I called up a few of my friends and told them what was going on. M and her hubby both took off the next day so they could take me to the airport. I was ready to fly out the very next day with all things in place.

I am now tracing those very motions back. I decided to use a shuttle service to get back from EWR to Philly. Dave's Limo. They suck. I had to wait for two hours at the airport when I could've actually made the earlier shuttle if only they had told me. Sick with a bad cough, cold and all that good stuff, the waiting was not fun at all. I got home, went and bought myself some milk and bread. I emptied my mailbox and more bills are already here! I set up auto-pay for them this time. I just re-updated all my folders so that it reflects the work I got done in India before I forget. I will go the lab, thaw out those very vials I froze down over two weeks ago, and get started. Sigh.


m.b said...

Sending some warmth your way. Before you know it, it will be life as usual and you will have caught up with it. Take care and stay cheerful!

Sakshi said...

Hugs. Move here. The weather is perfect.
Good to know that your Dad is doing well and that you reached safely. Good luck with the experiments - i fit makes you feel any better I am working through the break - yes again :(
Some things never change...

Rays Of Sun said...

Glad you are back and your dad is doing well. So you are atleast convinced about his weel-being:)
Hey, I can totally relate to your posts:O
specific aim #3---During December can be so stressful I agree..I am sure the deadline is in Jan:)
If it gives you any comfort, I went to India in June 2005, got back on July 3rd and the deadline for grant submission was July 13th. I managed to get the grant funded after revising it with awful data:P so dont worry, you are in good shape.
Good luck with settling down. You are doing good:)

Anonymous said...

Pahunch gayi? :)

Klastos said...

Wow. That explains the hiatus.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thank-you. :)

drat. working through the break you say? no dear, it doesn't make me feel any better. makes me feel like there's no hope for post-docs! :)

rays of sun,
:) thanks much for sharing your story. it really helps right now.

haan madam, pahunch gayi, theek thaak. :)

yeah. its been a bit crazy here. how you been?

ggop said...

Glad you are back - the first few days are depressing.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

depressing is not the word! sigh..

Janefield said...

all that you said abt keeping stuff pending until the last minute...guess i'm in the same boat too. its only when we are jolted outta this self-induced stupor that we would run around getting it fixed and wasting precious time in the bargain. glad you could see the bright side of it in that it kept you busy and the worrying at bay.

welcome back to blogistan! and how? :P

looking fwd to reading the recent truckloads of posts :)

Janefield said...
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Janefield said...
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Janefield said...
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The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

wow babe you sure are catching up seriously! all these comments also make a very happy me :)

Janefield said...

its more fun to read so many posts at one go! paisa wasool! :)