Thursday, December 20, 2007

W.o.m.m #6

I bought one of these during my stopover in Amsterdam. I have a soft corner for such tea-related fancy stuff. I got stopped at the baggage-screening for it. Sigh. I gave the guy one of my looks and said "I bought it right here at duty free!". Perhaps I shouldn't have gone for aggression right then. But I was tired. Luckily, after some discussion, he let me take it.

I am sick. Cold, cough, sore throat that hurts like hell. Headache. Fever. This all I brought from India. The eye allergies began acting up as soon as I set foot in Philly. So I am a walking dispenser of mucous right now. Eww. Sorry.

The tea-tube works nicely. But there's got to be a way of keeping the tea from getting cold while the tube does its thing. May be they should sell an attached cover with just a hole for the tube.

I think this is meds-induced delirium blogging.


Shripriya said...

Very elegant. Why not get a cup warmer thingy - black circle looking thing that plugs in somewhere... More gadgets needed to make life good.

shub said...

"I have a soft corner for such tea-related fancy stuff." Me too! Incidentally I almost picked up a fancy looking tea infuser on my stopover at Colombo :)

how does the tea tube work?

As for 'see you around', yeah I guess I use it when I'm really uncertain when I'm gonna see the person next :)

Glad to know your Dad's recovering well.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Cup warmer is a great idea! I know they sell one thats powered by USB on :) that's where I'm going now.

tea-tube works like this: you can scoop up tea leaves using the tube and it settles at the flat bottom that has perforations. Let that sit in a cup of hot water, and the tea leaves slowly infuse into the water. cool no? so can use with tea leaves without using a tea bag each time. environment-friendly too!

neihal said...

I am not a tea person, what the hell... I am no more a coffee person either.

But I like tea tube shown ... and thanks Shub for that question.I now know how it works. ;)

sd said...

Glad to know your father is doing well.

sd said...

Waise I guess philly ka weather kafi nasty hoga abhi. The tea-tube should be put to use to counter cold and cough with warm chai (use a napkin, may be, to cover and keep tea from getting cold?)

Expression ! said...

Have ginger tea ,that will soothe your throat.
Hope you get well soon.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:) it's quite nice, no? perhaps I should've elaborated in my post i think now. ..

thanks. yes the weather is crappy here. many cups of tea are being consumed.

ginger tea sounds perfect! i am making one cup right now!

Janefield said... looking thing it is! i also was unaware of its uses. thanks for explanation :) figured out its functioning by scrutinising pic closely though!

is it from magpie? or some other designer steel brand?

and what is yr fave kinda chai? :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

the co. is called leopold.
my fav tea has got to be adrak ka chai with milk. next i like earl gray and his companion lady gray..