Saturday, January 05, 2008

Live blogging

Methinks this event merits live-blogging. For the first time, I managed to convince my sis and b-i-l to go out and catch a movie while I baby-sit my 2 y.o neice Kavita. We read her story-books and my sis put her to sleep and left. So far, so good. It's only been 20 mins though, and Kavita's fast asleep. Hope that stays....
I forgot how T.V. looks. I actually have very little tolerance for it now.
OMG Kavita's coughing. what to do? :D
over and out,
p.s: thanks for all the hugs, concerns, comments for my earlier post. :) .


Sakshi said...

You should try live blogging when she is cranky/hungry/in play mode. Otherwise what be the challenge, no?

Sakshi said...

PS- Are you going to write practice posts for future Mommy blog?
*Goes off to drink to wipe the possibillity of that out of my mind*

neihal said...

I have nil experience with babies.
you seem to do doing alright though :D

@sakshi: are you sure you arent already drunk!!

Sakshi said...

@ Neihal - When I am ever sober?