Sunday, January 06, 2008

Live blogging

Updated @ 12:23: LOL @ Momblog, Sakshi. The lengths you'd go to make up excuses for getting drunk. Go on! This one's on me.
Neihal, Yeah, am doing well so far. Only one real episode of crying longer than 5 mins "tgfi pinni!!! waaaa!".  I did well. Kavita's back in slumberland.
I think i'll start a new blogger-type now. Maasi-blog with a tick-tock clock. :p
OK OK it was joke only. don't delete me from your feeds/bookmarks. :p
Methinks this event merits live-blogging. For the first time, I managed to convince my sis and b-i-l to go out and catch a movie while I baby-sit my 2 y.o neice Kavita. We read her story-books and my sis put her to sleep and left. So far, so good. It's only been 20 mins though, and Kavita's fast asleep. Hope that stays....
I forgot how T.V. looks. I actually have very little tolerance for it now.
OMG Kavita's coughing. what to do? :D
over and out,
p.s: thanks for all the hugs, concerns, comments for my earlier post. :) .


Priyanka said...

Have I much I love your blog??? Niiiice!!

Jack said...

Hey have I gone blind or what??! Why cant I see your previous posts? Not fair :(

Sakshi said...

I think with this successful venture- you should start a mom blog with a difference. Start with the steps getting a baby. Now that will be something to read :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:) . yes you have! but i can hear it again. :)

no you're not blind. old posts are back. :)

steps to getting a baby..hmmm..let's see now.