Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Melancholy strains

When happy times remind of you of not-so-happy memories it gets frustrating. If one could learn to live in the present, life would be a lot simpler.

It's hard to keep up with changing equations. To deal with the fact that someone who was once your to-go for everything, someone who was often the only one who really ever got you..is now totally off-limits. Its not easy. You now have to be satisfied with the rare occasions they choose to reach out to you, and expect no more than that. The feeling of desperation with which you then treasure those few chances is even worse.

I've done some foolish things. But I don't understand why I am reminded of all of them at this instant, all at once. It gets a bit much to take. ;)


La vida Loca said...


Sakshi said...

you said it.
Sometimes you hit upon the very thing that goes through my mind.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

vida loca,
yeah. aww only. :)

i think it boils down to the fact that this is all pretty much the general kind of stuff that everyone goes through at one time or the other, perhaps?

Harshi said...

I can really relate to that. Every thought. It's not easy to adjust to and handle. We learn......about life's designs...as we go through these experiences.

U have a nice blog. Am I commenting for the first time? I think so.....:)

Sakshi said...

@TGFI - Here I was hoping you would claim to see that you know! Since you are all knowing and then proceed to tell me that life is going to be peaches after I donate a truck full of stuff to you.
Sigh. Woman, you need to me as you PR person.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Hiya Harshi,
thanks. Yeah..these are all then chalked down to life's lessons, yes?

sigh. can i still do that?

i was just in one of those moods while answering your comment. now i lost my chance. :(

Sakshi said...

@TGFI - Pliss to edit grammatical errors. Written on coffee and sleep deprivation.
At least today I can use that excuse :)

And, HUGS :)
We will work a deal out. A truckload of alcohol can be shipped here for me to think over what I can send to you?

Jack said...

hmmm its nice to know I am not the only "weirdo" :P and I sometimes wonder if life would have been a little to straight forward without these, lets say, ups and downs ....

After a while (how long is subjective ), we might not regret the downs after all ...

Hershey Desai said...

you could either try not to think of it at all, whenever you do, just stop and go do something else, read books, kill aliens etc.
you can totally erase everything, both the good and bad moments, as if it never happened.

assuming the second option is not one you will consider sooo..
guess you can find some peace in knowing that you aren't alone in experiencing all these feelings.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:) coffee deprivation? really? i thought it was the usual commenting under the influence. :)

ah yes. we must strike a deal of some sort. not the one you proposed though. :)

yes, eventually we come to terms with most things, i guess. and negatives become a blur and positives stay back, hopefully.

yeah, we all go through these motions. i don't think we should be killing aliens though. ;)

Sakshi said...

@TGFI - Are really, coffee deprived I be then. Who ever gives up the influence? Shudder! Even if you dont provide us the indulgence, we dont give up on it. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:) ok i'll take your drunken word for it.

Lakshmi said...

All I ever remember are the foolish things that I have done in life. It is not an isolated phenomonon, trust me.