Saturday, January 26, 2008

New York, New York

The weekend in points (because I am in such high spirits and want to blog it before the euphoria goes away while waiting to compose a proper post)

* Taking a trip with my bachpan ka best friend
* Meeting an old school friend (o.s.f) after twelve years
* New York. the rocking night life, the lights, the sky scrapers, the buzz.
* Girls night out: Kati rolls on a cold midnight in New York; A kick ass flirtini; and other assorted libations..all on the house!
* Happy conversations. Intelligent debates. With people you go back several years.
* Feeling pride and admiration for all the battles o.s.f has fought and made her way up in life
* Being served chai and breakfast by o.s.f's wonderful husband..while the girls sit and giggle and bitch
* Playing carroms. Girls v/s boys. and Winning! :) (OK, one of the boys was seven years old. but still)
* More old school friends for lunch. Mad laughter. Crass dirty shameless jokes. Having the restaurant to ourselves.
* More NYC. In the day.
* Feeling the warmth on a cold wintry day.
* Getting off the train in Philly and thinking this is not cold!" :)

But you want to know the highest high point? O.s.f's seven year old son clutching a strand of hair and asking me "TGFI aunty, can you tell me how they read DNA from a single hair?"



Crime Master said...

Looks like someone's having fun over the weekend!

All I did for the kicks was grocery shopping with Ma!

Sakshi said...

So while you were drinking, I was left dry!
Where is my beer?
And TGFI aunty, pliss to tell how you are going to ship me the said alcohol?

Raj said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

But then, conversations with good friends are always fun. :)

Pri said...

we're jealous that you get to be in ny and eat street food in the middle of the night and play carom but dude some brat calls you aunty and you're all warm and fuzzy? i would have bitch slapped the little snot but then again i'm going to hell anyway and you're going to whatever place you scientist folk believe in.

Sash said...

Hehehe! I loved NY too. :P

//TGFI aunty

He could have conserved energy by saying TAFI, no?


bavs said...

TGFI aunty? Ahahahahaha! *points and laughs* Jallo, tu apni grave ki taraf jaa rahi hai. :D Yenyway, good to know that dull folks like you also have fun too, once in a blue moon. *smirks*
So, how exactly do you tell the DNA from a single hair, aunty?

La vida Loca said...

Oh yea..sounds like fun!
Love NYC too

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

grocery shopping is fun too. :) I need to do that too

i did the next best thing, had one shot tere naam pe. :)
you must come to philly to claim your free daaru

yes, indeed. :)

LOL! well i've made my place in hell for other unmentionable reasons.

lol @ TAFI. :)

get lost. and the answer is too complicated for you, although the seven y.o. could understand.

vida loca,
yeah baby!

Coco Captive said...

I also want to know the answer to that kocchan..
and I am super-jealous.. :)

Jack said...

HP Laptop ... Rs 50,000
Internet connection per month ... Rs1000
Reading your post in the morning and smiling ... priceless :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ok for your sake i'll put up the answer here soon

*big grin*
did you buy a new laptop??? :)

Jack said...

naaa, its not even mine .. its from the company I work for! I am planning to buy one but looking for funds!! Any kinds souls out there?! :P

khal said...

reminds me of the Godrej hair dye ad

"Aunty, aunty... aunty.... " (echoes)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

heh. wrong place to scout for funds. I am still to buy my own laptop too!

"Aunteee mat kaho na!" ;)
did you decide? where ya going?