Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am irritated and tired of being someone's sounding board. I am however too nice to get up and leave in the middle of someone's rantorama. I also happen to like this someone, which makes it worse. I wish someone would stop and realise that things are not so miserable as they make it out to be. I try telling them that but it doesn't help. And if its so bad, I wish someone would just accept their sorry pile of shit and move on. Because you can complain and complain and whine and whine and really, where is it going? Admittedly, someone has had a bad hand dealt out to them, and for that, I feel sorry. Someone is also a really nice person and does nice things for me and others. But really. It gets tiresome to listen to the same old negative shpeil all the time. Even the complaints haven't changed and date back to years ago. Move on!
So I play hide and seek and avoid someone when I can. To protect my peace of mind. But sometimes I give someone (else) said- what are friends for? But its very draining. And I don't want to suffer from premature jaded-ness. I have no reason to be unhappy right now. Someone thinks they're warning me for the future. But really, I will fight my battles when I get there. Right now, there is no need to drill all this crap in my head. And I have told someone the same. No use.
Sigh. I must be really stressed to blogging in the middle of my work day from a common workstation.
I think its time to introduce someone to blogging. heh. :p


Sakshi said...

I think it is more about realizing that no matter how good a friend, no one wants to listen to your problems all the time :)

May be point that out gently :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

when someone talks someone cannot hear what other person is saying. its like that. sometimes i've thought of making a pre-emptive strike. but that would be kinda weird and mean and not nice. ah wotever. i will buy someone a beer instead and it will make all the ranting go down easier. you see how i am ranting in my own commentspace. OMG i am turning into someone! holy shite.

Sakshi said...

TGFI, All I read was that if I rant to you enough, you will buy me beer :)

neihal said...

@ Sakshi....LOL !!

"I am irritated and tired of being someone's sounding board."

ejjactly my case too these days...I am this close to exploding !!

and BTW banning me does not work !!!

:D :D :D

Arpz said...

err... all I know is that ; if you introduce someone to blogging, I wont hit that enter key for that url for sure ;-)

Coco Captive said...

Try this - tell that someone that he/she rants a lil too much - on the face! :):P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL! hmph. all selfish people. nobody wants to listen to my problems. :(

and BTW banning me does not work

apparently so! :D

but yes, i wholly sympathise. did you ask them to try blogging? :)

hehehe. poor thing. :)

i have done that. no effect. sigh

Crime Master said...

Looks like you're reading my mind! Sigh, I've been around people who rant all the time! :P I ended up telling my friend, "just accept the situation, don't expect everything to be the way you want them" :P And you're right, it doesnt affect her! :P Her rants have not yet stopped! :P :P

sd said...

A rant about ranting: a meta-rant....ok mad joke

Pri said...

ughhhhhhhhhhhh i just wrote a nice long coment and your dumb box wouldnt take it for some reason.

anyway as i was saying just pop some type of sleeping aid into a bowl a soup [one you have very offered to make/reheat? for depressing friend type person] and then sit back and watch them snore while you catch up on the latest thursday night tv or lab animal trend whichever you're into that night.

you may now thank me,

your multi talented genius problem solving blogger buddy.

Pri said...

err who apparently cant spell.

of soup

very kindly

there. all fixed.

back to being genius me.

lekhni said...

Ranting is bad enough..I have started to avoid a friend because he has progressed from ranting about himself to constant envying of me :( Just because I do not rant back..

ferret said...

a meta-rant (thk u sd for the term). you MUST be the new president of ranters anonymous!! :D

Sakshi said...

I likey likey my new title! But pliss to make sure you say PhD. after that.
[Yes, vain like that :)]

Sakshi said...

ANd thankoo bery much! Such promptness in blogosphere! Where is my drink, btw!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

crime master with terrible photo,
sigh. what to do?

meta rant! i like very much! :)

:-) thanks for the brilliant idea but i wish you'd show more respect for lab animals and trends thereof.

that is worse!

hehehee. :)

dr. drunk and vain,
:D. I am nothing if not prompt.
what drink? where is your rant first? ;)

Sakshi said...

Dang it, this one is a bright bulb.... hmmm... so I have to work for my beer really?

Tachyoson said...

agreed, being someone else's Free Shrink all the time is good for a bit , but not if it becomes the ONLY reason they call/meet you.

'draining' is exactly the word i use. i also call the people who keep doing this Emo Unloading "Emotional Vampires".

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

there is no such thing as a free beer :)

so true, everything you said. wholly agree.