Thursday, January 03, 2008

When the blues hit

Sometimes, I like to hear that it's okay to feel bad, it's okay to wallow in a bit of self-pity. Not that it's "only human", but that it is plain and simple acceptable.

Sometimes, I like to hear some agreement about how bad my situation is. It's weirdly reassuring to hear that yes, things are pretty sucky, you have every right to feel like bursting into buckets of tears; even if you happen to be walking down the street when that feeling hits.

Sometimes, I like to hear solutions. Not the fucking generic "Don't worry, it'll all be okay", but something more tangible and more practical. And that's why very few can pull off this bit. It's important to fully understand the problem, and hence know what is and is not a possible solution. If you know x, and you know y, and you know me, and you tell me (after careful thinking and due consideration) what I should tell y because of situation x, then it might make me feel better.

Sometimes I like to hear a joke. Most of the times, that works.

Sometimes I like a little pick me up. But I don't always take it well. "C'mon you can go through this, you've seen worse" sometimes sounds like I shouldn't be complaining. Even if it is meant to be a vote of confidence. May be I can go through it: hell, it's not like I have much of a choice, yeah? But for now, i'm tired. It's making me sad: and so is the idea of going through it: even if I'm capable of it.

Sometimes, I just like to be heard out. And hugged. That always works.


Snowbeak said...


Happy new year! Hope it turns out just fantastic

Sakshi said...

Sometimes just knowing that you have a shoulder to rest your worries on, helps :)

Crime Master said...


This is so true! (I know, with this scary face I have, it's hard to believe that people would try to haunt...err.. hurt me, but.. :p)

Of course, with me, its hard to find people who listen without judging me or advicing me - so I rant it out at times on blog - or forget it eventually! :P God has blessed me with selective bad memory! :P

(hugs) again! :-)

neihal said...

Hugs dear.

and sometimes just being left alone helps...a lot. :)

async said...

a big hug....

Of course a pateient hearing sans the sympathy and impractical solutions/reassurances always helps. That is where we readers of your blog come out handy. And at times things unbelievably sort themselves out after a pour out.
Remember we are listening....

hugs again

La vida Loca said...

here is a virtual hug

Raj said...

Hmm, I am somebody who tells things like they are. But I am generally able to make people feel better without using clich├ęs like "Don't worry, it'll all be okay". And I am a good listener. I know that sometimes its best to let the other person vent.

mazhalai said...


Born a Libran said...

When I see a person in the dumps, I am always shooting for the advice irrespective of whether I deserve to dole it out... It is natural instinct to sort things out...

Pri said...

uff so much drama you do!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ all: thanks for all the hugs. its nice that e-hugs are just a morose post away! ;)

hi snowbeak!
Happy New Year to you too! thanks. :)

yeah. that knowledge does help, sometimes.

lol @ your scary face.

yeah, sometimes alone is best.

the blog is an excellent vent, no doubt. but not enough to substitute real-life friends and shoulders-to-cry-on, methinks. but thanks. :)

vida loca,
thanks babe

yes being a good listener is an important life skill. :)

thank-you. :)

yes, it is natural instinct, true. but sometimes needs to be curbed.

i know. :)