Sunday, February 03, 2008

News that makes me happy

It's getting harder to find anything in the news that provides joy or hope, but here are a couple links that made my day

Hope: Shimla cops fight against eve-teasers

The Himachal Pradesh police has launched a month-long campaign against anti-social elements, including eve-teasers........

(A police dept. spokesperson) warned that according to the New Police Act which has already came into force eve-teasers could be fined Rs 5,000 and given eight days imprisonment.

Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal had directed the police to control crimes against women.

And much joy: First wife thrashes man at his 'wedding'.

“Mukesh kept his first wife in the dark and was about to marry another woman. His first wife turned up at the wedding venue on Tuesday night and thrashed him with slippers and abused him. Reena was also carrying her wedding photographs when she came to the venue,” said a senior police officer.

Police said that Reena went up to the stage where the rituals were taking place and beat up her husband. As the situation became evident even to the family members of the bride, they too joined Reena and began beating him.

(thanks to confused for the second link)


Anonymous said...

I remember reading about a similar case here in Bangalore last year. The first wife came to her husband's second wedding with photos and stopped it. Then a guest stepped up and married the other girl to save her n her family from any trouble.

sd said...
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TaChi said...

should have mauled him adn stripped him and chased him around town...and then added chillies in his nose.....and teasing i break every bone,everytime i get kudoos to the govt...neat blog to :)

shub said...

Geez. She should've come with divorce papers for the lout.
The 1st bit of news, makes me somewhat happy, but the cynic in me says isse kuch nahi honewala.

ggop said...

I'm glad law enforcement is doing something about sexual harassment (I hate using the faux cutesy word eve-teasing)

Read three depressing links on blogbharti today on how governments of other countries warned women not to tour India on their own.

sepulchritude said...

Deluded male notion: One wife per chromosome.

We're also not that creative with comments.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

then a guest stepped up and married the other girl

agree fully.

yeah, i don't know how far it'd go..but its a start.

eve-teasing, hmmm - it does have a "Cute" connotation now that i think of it. i've always used it while referring to this phenomenon..
governments of other countries warned women not to tour India on their own.
sigh. i don't blame them. but basic safety has to be taken care of any where.

lol. seriously...the creativity gene is x-linked and males can't work with one copy. :)