Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nobody tags me

and I had been feeling quite sad about that. So Vida Loca made my day by tagging me, without me having to beg and beseech anyone for a tag. Thanks babe!

In her words "I am supposed to link to previous posts about Family, Friends, My Love, Something Interesting and Self"

Since I am in the mood for some (more) self-indulgence, lets see.

Family: I'll pick this one about my parents' transformation into fawning grandparents. It's only gotten worse since then. :p
Oh, I think I also want to link this one ..its nice.

Friends: Ah! Where do I start? They've made appearances all over my blog..but I guess this one summarizes some of the closest friends I made in grad school..and this one reminds me to take the effort to keep in touch with all of them.

My love: Heheh. This letter to my love wins hands down. I know you all loved it too. :p

Something interesting: Hmmm..How pathetic is this? I cannot pick a single post that qualifies as interesting! :'( I want to die.
OK, lets link this Women in Academia argument that is one of my personal favourites...I am still not sure it qualifies as "interesting". There is not a single post in my blog that i read and go "hmm..interesting.." :(

Self: ah! that's quite redundant, don't you think? The whole blog is an exercise in self-obsession..embarrassingly and shamelessly so, sometimes. So I'll go with this one, where I describe one of my proud moments in life. OK, this other proud moment also merits a mention because it made me feel all happy when i read it just now. :-)

My other complaint is that people I tag never complete my tags. :( So Yeah, i tag all who read this post, and if you want to restore my faith in tags, please complete the tag and leave me a comment here when you've done so. :p


Anonymous said...

You REALLY like to be tagged ? OK, I will keep that in mind ;)

sepulchritude said...

Done, done, done, done and done. Dont' think the consensus was Boyzone. My shrink has ordered me to stay away from incendiary nicknames.

aequo animo said...

Hmm.. life is full of difficult choices and parents know them very well indeed! :D
Am just a bot reading ur blog..are bots tagged too?

La vida Loca said...

Ohh yay! it was nice too.
Thanks for doing it :)

La vida Loca said...

Since u looovveee tags and all I have 1 more :)

Anonymous said...

Nananaananna... I am not doing it.. :P

rayshma said...

hehe... i love tags!
here's where i've done this one:

moody crab said...

nobody tags me either... :(