Thursday, February 07, 2008

W.o.m.m. #10

I think too much.


Sakshi said...

So do I - I sit and think and think and think about what to think. Then when I have done that I think about why I have to think about what to think. And then I decide I haven been thinking way too much....
Its OK.
Sometimes, one cant help it. For other times, try a martini.

Pri said...

waiting for real post....


sepulchritude said...

That's when you watch cheesy Hindi flicks, e.g., "My Name is Anthony Gonsalves." Embarrassingly comical, brain-dead material.

sd said...

Your blog is fast becoming a treasure-trove of self-referential posts: First there was a rant on ranting. Then you discussed having no regrets about having regrets. And now you are thinking about thinking too much. Wah wah!

Ps: I have lost all ability to make "non-drunk" comments!

Sayesha said...

Ya allah!

tachyoson said...

too much thinking is contrapositive to action .... in my opinion

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hehehe. indeed we all do. i'll pick the martini for now. :)

sigh. me grumpy too. join the club.

i think that's an excellent idea

:) i am loving the drunk sd! :)

subhan allah!

hmm..may be sometimes.

aequo animo said...

Actually.. you just think that you think too much.
Or I just think that you think that you think too much;
To be more precise,
I just want you to think that i think that you think that you think too much..

I rest my case ;)

Drenched said...

Kisne bola? Kya kya illusions mein jeeti hai re tu. Chih! *shakes head sadly and trots off smirking*