Friday, February 15, 2008

w.o.m.m. # 12

While on the topic of late nights, I remember back home in India when we were in school and I'd start dozing off at my books instead of studying at night, my mom would point to the lit windows in the building across ours and say "Dekh, Tinku abhi bhi padhai kar raha hai". Of course, I grew up hating Tinku. But it egged me on to sit up and study some more. Now I don't think any of that will ever help. The motivation has to come from within. Or from a deadline. :)

For the control freak that I am, sometimes I long to let go completely. I don't remember the last time I felt like that, except that it was such a nice feeling. May be someday......
 I'll go sky diving again. :p


aequo animo said...

Motivation from a deadline!!, hmm tha6ts never heard of!
Breath out and hold ur breath as long as u can ;)

Pri said...

what does tinku do now?

tinku it seems! did he have siblings named bubbly and guddu?

pinky maybe?

also did everyone call him stinku? i know i would have.

sepulchritude said...

Ever thought about it from poor Tinku's perspective? I bet his parents would have said, "Dekh, Tee-jee-eye-eff abhi bhi padh rahi hai. Tu toh ekdum bewakoof hai!"

It was hard being Tinku.

sd said...

I just realized that the W.O.M.M. series deals exclusively with even numbers. Interesting!

sd said...

Oh wait only #9 and #11 are skipped. Now I am puzzled!

BTW, I completely agree with sepulchritude... bechare Tinku ka kya hua hoga.....

sd said...

Well, well... the sequence..
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12,... has some interesting musically inclined connotations..see...

No doubt, very musical thoughts!

sepulchritude said...

9/11 was ommitted for an obvious reason: Giuliani has enormously trivialised it.

sepulchritude said...

Oops..."omitted". I have exceeded my quota of comments for the day.

Drenched said...

"Of course, I grew up hating Tinku."
Don't we all? Why's it that all padosis ke bacche are called Tinku? Or Pappu? Or Bunty? Or Pinky? What do they do when they grow up?

Dusk Watchman said...

Okay. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what/who Tinku is. But I'll Google it later. Why I'm here now is that I'm hunting for fellow blogger-buddies. People who's blogs I can read for inspiration, and who might read my blog and give me constructive criticism.

As far as inspirational writing, your blog fits the bill. Now the question is will you have the time to respond to mine?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

a a,
:) breathing, breathing.

tinku is some hot shot consultant type guy now, married. giving mom a chance to say "dekh, tinku ki bhi shaadi ho gayi hai".

i cannot disclose his siblings name for privacy reasons. (mine, not his)

hahahah at stinku! i wish i knew you then!

so you were a tinku types, yeah? wherever he is, i am sure he appreciates your jumping to his defense. typically no quota on comments here, but exceptions are made in the case of tinku types.
lol @ 9/11

i was wondering if someone would jump at the omissions. Just lost track of the numbers, actually, but i like sepulchritude's explanation.
that is a cool database you linked to. thanks! :) i can waste a lot more time now. :p

i don't think they ever grow up. :p

hello dusk watchman!
tinku is a generic a nick name. i am not so sure my blog is always inspirational, but yes, i will come check out your blog soon. happy writing!

Kits said...

I would hate being a Tinku and I think I sometimes was Tinku :)