Friday, February 29, 2008

W.O.M.M. #9 (The missing one)

I hitched a ride to work today. I could not afford to be late for 9 AM lab meeting Again. Especially considering that I was presenting. It's hard to run in the freezing cold and the wind against you.

This is the second time I've hitched a ride (like from a random car passing by) ever. The first time was in Bombay, with 3 other girls, on the western express highway, One day when there was a bus strike. We got a ride from this guy (with green eyes) in a van. We were all holding our breath (and mentally practising screaming and self defense moves) till we got dropped off. We could've simply taken an auto, but they were hard to find given the strike and the time of the day (evening). The line between being adventurous and foolish is thin.

My first presentation in this lab (not counting my interview ;) ) went off well. Not my usual stellar performance given that I was working on it till I got out the door and had an hour of sleep. But it was good. I was reminded of the rigor and training PhdAdv. gave me in making good presentations. It is definitely not wasted.

Most importantly, I got lots of good feedback from the group on all the issues I've been having. Its such a nice feeling- to present to a large group and get useful feedback. I think that makes a productive lab meeting. In the past, by the time our group got big enough, I was way past the stage of feedback for most purposes. This felt good. I hope things pick up now.

I think I've an inherent attraction for unchartered territory. I love the challenge. I love being where no one has been before. The risks and costs sometimes outweigh the thrill factor. But i can't get away.

I should've learned by now when to stop hitting my head against a brick wall and stick my neck out and get help, or give up! (Not in the complete sense of giving up, but in a practical sense). I need to work on that some more. It's a pathological addiction to just want to work things out, by myself, beyond practicality and smartness. I found out from the suggestions in lab meeting how futile that can be. Not good.

Oh Oh Oh Happy Leap Day y'all! :)

And p.s: link pick for the day: indeed, the stuff life is made of. (Via DesiPundit).


Sakshi said...

I love the challenge. I love being where no one has been before....
cue Star trek music..

Seems like things are moving good for you. Way to go. Now pliss to go to lab early every day!

sepulchritude said...

Group meeting at 9 am? Man, that's a sleepfest!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

will do. yes.

exactly! and i've never made it on time ever! :(