Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yeah I did it again!

Last night was the night. Once upon a time I lamented about how I didn't think I could pull off all-nighters any more. Yesterday an experiment I have been working at for the past month or so showed promise. It consumed all my attention ever since I found out it was working..so there I was, making plans and controls and setting up more experiments to take it forth..and before I knew it it was 2 am. And then 4 am. Sometimes its like an addiction.."just this one thing and I'll go". The added fun came from doing it just for the sake of seeing what happens next. No pressures, no deadlines involved. Finally I stole a nap on the couch. In my coat, hat and gloves because the building turns down the heating after midnight and it was freakin cold. I woke up, finished my work, locked up the lab, and left the building at 6:30 am. Watching the morning people come in. The cold morning air waking me up. Feeling the rush, feeling totally invigorated. I had forgotten how this felt.

It's a nice feeling :). Lets hope the cells are doing well. :)


Sakshi said...

I know what you mean. But I refuse to do all nighters now. Just all weekenders and dayers and all that needs to be worked out of my system :)

sepulchritude said...

You poor Bio folks, having to cell yourselves to the night!

sd said...


sd said...


aequo animo said...

:)"Everything for a shot of Dopamine (sometimes Serotonin)" - is the tagline.
(Un?)fortunately ,we go the serotonin way more often by sleeping but the dopamine of all nighters is what we really crave for. Long live the cell!

Snowbeak said...

Aww-sum! I'm still waiting for my all-night moment(s) :)

La vida Loca said...


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, i said that too in the beginning, eventually i got suckered. :/

hehe. good one. (For a change, a really good one) ;)

thankya, thankya

long live the cells indeed

am sure yours will come unannounced.

vida loca

Hershey Desai said...

lol...beat my time.
42 hours. Enjoyed every minute of being awake.
Lot of coffee and sweets consumed..
and then total collapse for the next 14 hours

can't help it..addiction, those dopamine levels really go high when you are watching all episodes of Boston Legal.

Drenched said...

All-nighters aren't my stuff anymore. The two board sessions have squeezed my powers, inch by inch. Someday, when I'm doing a PhD., I shall once again pull an all-nighter and then, when I win a Nobel Prize, I shall dedicate it to you and this post. :D

gawker said...

I remember one particular night out during my graduate life. I came out of my building at 6:00 am to find that it had snowed during the night. I stood outside and smoked a cigarette in the bitter cold but enjoying the virgin snow. And then my advisor drove into the parking lot. He gave me a thumbs up as he walked into the building. I think the snow was the best part.

Ms Taggart said...

Now thats something... U go girl.. how are the cells doing? :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hehe. the collapsing for hours together after the night outs are also fun. 42 hours for Boston legal! i cannot beat that even if I tried, even for the hot Chris Meloni of Law and Order.

yes please, i will remember this and demand my dedication when time comes.

wow. that must've been something..to have been up all night and not even known that it snowed...nice.

ms T,
cells are doing well, thank you for asking, dear. :p