Friday, March 21, 2008


Happy Holi! I was not the biggest fan, but always got dragged out against my will. My mom insisted I go out and play, only because she was afraid that my friends would come in and mess up the house. ;). But they were good times in all...the gulal and the water balloons and the hosing and the mithai. And the pink faces and pink fingers for days after. I never ever got to try bhaang though. :(


Drenched said...

Happy Holi, darling Lajjo!!! *looks here and there for Janiya*
Have fun!! *puts gulaal on her cheeks*. Muah! ;)

And you never tried bhaang? Ahahahahahahahaha!!! *points and laffs*

bongopondit said...

Happy Holi, Holi hai etc.

I never got to try bhang either (but currently making up for it - big time - with other stuff).

And I had to suffer the ignominy of going out to play Holi in a raincoat (my mom feared I would catch a cold before the final exams :P). [if I ever turn a psychopath, I can point to this]

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

happy holi, fool.

in a raincoat! ahahahhahahahahahaha!!!!!

:p sorry.

but yeah, makin' up for the absence of bhaang, for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Holi!

I like to play in a really civilized way but unfortunately, others don't :(

sd said...

Happy Holi!

Sakshi said...

Holi hai!!!!!!!
So lets open the bar.
I know.. i just look for excuses. What to do.. lots of free time.

musafir said...

Happy holi tgfi .... may the festival fill ur life with all the colours.


Anonymous said...

Happy Holi! :)

I hate Holis and getting wet with colors and all.. but I did try Bhaang... :)

Janefield said...

its eons since i got 'gulalled' myself! never tried bhaang either..

happy holi for woteva it's worth! :P

the_girl_from_ipanema said...

holi and civilized in the same sentence? ;)

hope you had a fun one. :)

that was a coherent comment. what's up? sab theek? ;)

thanks much for the wishes! wish you too the same. :)

ms T,
why don't you blog about bhaang? :)

hmm...may be we should put bhaang on the agenda for next time? ;)