Wednesday, March 26, 2008

India woos its women scientists


From a Nature India article here

To see the full text, it appears you have to register (free) but I quote some bits here.

Women scientists in India will soon be able to choose flexible working hours and even work from home if they have children below the age of three. Campus housing will be provided for women and all institutions will be required to establish state-of-the-art crèche.

The announcements made March 8 at a conference of women scientists in New Delhi stem from recommendations of a government task force on women scientists set up two years ago. The panel headed by renowned nutritionist Mahtab Bamji found that women scientists faced discrimination, sexual harassment and other problems besides their poor representation in committees and science faculties.

The conference attended by some 700 women scientists (and practically no men) demanded more opportunities for women for re-entry after a break in service due to domestic or other reasons.


sepulchritude said...

"Nature India"? Boy, NPG really does cover all its bases!

GuNs said...

Reservation for women in buses, trains, parliament, primary schools, engineering colleges, medical institutions...

Not nice. This is blatant sexual discrimination against males.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ blatant sexual discrimination against males..

have you ever seen a man felt up, mauled, groped and otherwise violated in a bus full of women?

GuNs said...

That simply isn't logical. Girls get an engineering seat with 55% when I couldnt get one for 79%. Its a hell of a lot more destructive to people's lives than being felt up/groped. You should look at the number of people committing suicides because they do not get seats in higher education. The caste-based reservation system is absolute crap and so is reservation for women. Its a larger issue altogether and needs much larger post to discuss anyway.

The point is that wrong things are wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right. So offering women reservation in colleges because they get felt up in buses and burnt for dowry is a ridiculous logic.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i was citing the example of women being mis-treated in buses as a reason for reservations on buses, which you have complained about in your comment.
of course its ridiculous to say that women are groped on buses therefore need seats in engg colleges reserved.

as for the rest of it, will continue another time.