Monday, March 10, 2008

Nobody understands me!

I have managed to piss off/worry/hurt/surprise an assortment of people over one weekend with things I've said. And saying "arre yaar I was just jokingggg!" doesn't seem to fix it. :/ What is it with people taking me seriously and not getting my jokes? I always thought they were pretty funny. :p

I need [seriously, just kidding] or [sarcasm] tags on instant messenger & email- all those zillion emoticons are not helping. I also need a button on the phone that I can press at the start of making a non-serious statement. "joke alert..beep beep" kinda thing. I also need to practise making a funny face to prelude my "funny" statements. And everyone needs to take themselves and others a little less seriously damn it!



aequo animo said...

Get out of the lab often, talk to more people, listen carefully to their jokes, pay attention to your tone ( modulate appropriately), be more creative with your jokes.

just kidding :D

shub said...

Hold up little placards as cues. Or do what AA above said :P

Anonymous said...

Ya, its really difficult to communicate things like sarcasm on IM. I generally use my own expression tags like *sleepy* or *evil* to express myself effectively. Try it!

But sometimes I am sure that in spite of saying "just kidding", the other person really thinks what he/she is saying. So no matter how many times they might say "its just a joke", I will not believe them.

Pri said...

yes yes, you offend me on a daily basis. this is why i ignore you on gtalk.

totally kidding.

or not.

Sakshi said...

So you were kidding! I bought tickets and bought naya dress for your wedding!
No one jokes about marriage...

sepulchritude said...

"Boyzonefanboy"? As Chandler Bing once said, "Funny Ha Ha or Funny Phhhhow (sound of brain splattering post bullet through the head)?"

Offensive. Very offensive to my people.

ggop said...

I'm not saying you were guilty of this but I have personally had people say borderline nasty things and then suffix it with a "Kidding" comment. :D

Maybe the people who offended you agree with me?

Oh and if any of your jokes were a rebuttal to their efforts to marry you off/find a suitable boy, then I am totally behind you!

Yamini said...

I just finished reading your entire blog - yes, from the first post onwards. I am not really sure how I got here, but I sure am glad to have discovered this. I loved the way you write and express yourself; and importantly your thoughts - they make oh_so_total_sense to me. A lot of times I felt you were voicing what I feel. If only I could express myself as well as you do.
I am not sure about the purpose of this comment but I just wanted to let you know what went through me as I was reading your posts.
Do count on me to come back again.

Take care.

rahul said...

...completely agree...we Indians are acutely deficient in a sense of humour.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

aequo animo
ha ha ha.

yeah, wohi baaki hai.

i must try that. but yeah, that bit about not believing that one was joking. its kind of frustrating. i think, sometimes a joke is made with reference to something more serious, but the statement, is, really a joke! lets say i joke about how i don't like someone's taste in clothes, and that someone has really bad taste in clothes, but i am just pulling his leg about it, not making a serious critical offensive statement! why cant it be taken for that??

i am sorry for all the times i offended you and all the times i might in future.

fool. marriage i was serious. i am offended to that you think it was a joke now.

oh! sepulchritude is hard to spell.

see my reply to raj. while i am not guilty of saying borderline nasty things, i might make a light statement about something, doesn't negate that something, i'm just making light of it. For example, in a hypothetical situation, lets say you've gotten a bit .y'know..healthy over the months. and i make a joke about it- would you consider that nasty and get offended, just because it is true? why should it be so serious? why cant we just take it easy?

hello yamini!
I just finished reading your entire blog - yes, from the first post onwards.
Oh! you feelin ok there? yeh le paani. :p
thanks for leaving a comment and i'm glad you enjoyed the blog. :)

hi rahul,
its not even an indian thing.. actually.

ggop said...

If a woman was a recipient of your healthy comment/joke, chances are she wouldn't take it in the spirit it was offered. ;-)

tgfi said...

hypothetical example that was! :)

ferret said...

you should switch from sarcastic remarks to pjs for such peepuls. so herez one for you :)

arz kiya hai

ek thi chidiya..
zara gaur farmaiyega
ek thi chidiya.. uske do the par
ek thi chidiya.. uske do the par
ek idhar ek udhar!!

shukriya :)