Sunday, March 30, 2008

we are on a break

I'm taking a break for a small bit. A break from over-thinking, post-mortems, pre-mortems (yeah i do those too), worrying, moping, wondering, analysing, listening, being there, being judged, hanging on to stupid inconsequential bullshit that i just cant purge out of my head....its all getting tiring! I want to live in the moment for once. Not reckless indulgence, but just live. From task to task, from emotion to emotion. Each one towards the next. No noise in between. No fukat ka mach mach in the head. How does that sound? do-able?


Born a Libran said...

If you figure out how to do it, please to be giving some tips here... Tried it many a time, but have always failed myself...

Janefield said...

do-able for sure!

how is the all important question...let us know how you fare and if you succeed, share tips pls. thanks much kindly.

smartass navdy said...

Why? Why, O Why??? No guys left to do or what?

Ahahahahaha. I am so funny! :D

Rachna said...

Extremely undo-able!
But tell me how you did it of you do :)