Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I've got to stop this

I know i am overdoing it, but I can't help myself. It's a normal urge, but its unhealthy when indulged in so much. I am beginning to worry if there is a deeper reason for it all: some kind of depression or insecurity. May be its because I've been denying myself cheese and fries and chocolate and all those bad foods I love. May be I should just go get a work out more often. Ever since I went and bought myself that.. er.. contraption.. I was at it every other day. Now I find myself doing it at least once a day. Some days it makes me happy, other days it depresses me. It always works better with clothes off, though. When it fails to make me happy, sometimes I blame the contraption. Which is even worse. Every time I start, I tell myself I must stop it. But its right there, so easy to do, the idleness of the exercise making it that much more easy to give in to. After all what's a single girl to do? I tell myself that its a phase. There is no point fighting it. This too shall pass. Very soon I shall overcome this obsession of checking my weight daily.


ggop said...

My a$$vice :
Once a week, at the same time - first thing in the morning after going to the loo.
No more, no less (its good to monitor your weight periodically to not get complacent)

Sakshi said...

I have a better way. When I dont fit in a jeans, I go back to my boulemic ways.
Why bother with a scale?

tgfi said...

sigh. it was meant to be a darrty joke, this post. but yeah bring on the wt. loss advice too..i could use some ;)

Janefield said...


im so disgoooosted.

my god.

how people can be so shameless???

tauba tauba!!

forget god, now even devil can not help u

Sakshi said...

If you go get a real contraption ... now that will help you lose weight ;)
And there is no such thing as indulging too much!

Drenched said...

Ram ram ram! CHIH!!!
Meri mummy kya bolegi if she catches me reading this?

*picks up her rosary and does her jaap*
*goes for a ganga snaan*

PS: You're FAT, no? :D

La vida Loca said...

me thinks u r making mountain out of a molehill

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL i got it now.

i need one of those. tell me where you get them?

jane, drenched,
the filth is in your heads! not me! chih!

vida loca,
ROFL. good one

Sakshi said...

@TGFI - There are plenty of infomercials about the Bun and thigh trimmer. Just pick any one. LOL.

aequo animo said...

Lol..I like the way you think :D.

Tachyoson said...

wait until you get a treadmill + home gym, then you can really go nuts with the weighing...

Partho said...

Make up your mind now, do you wanna lose weight, or have fun? I don't mind the daarty.

Venkatesh Varalu said...