Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm in a funk since yesterday, 10 am. Yes I've been clocking how much time I've been spending (or pretending to spend) on this analysis. It's something I'm new to, not very good at (yet) but nothing but the best will do it for me (and my boss). So really, its an effin miserable situation. I cannot get up and do anything else because this work keeps haunting me. I tried the get up and take a walk, get a pep talk, get coffee, blog, sleep. Everything. Getting more and more miserable by the hour because of all the other work that is getting held up because of this. Going down that slippery slope of hating myself and all that fun stuff.

Only one thing can help and make me feel better. Getting this done. One small data set at a time. That is all. Block out all other thoughts of my worthlessness, of all the other shit that needs to be done yesterday, and JUST EFFIN DO IT. I've written out the steps on a piece of paper and am just going through the motions, one by one. And now I think I should turn off the internet too.



regular anon reader said...

At such times, I like to remember that good enough is better than not done. And oh, this post after your previous post is just "effin" hilarious, I couldn't help pointing out.

La vida Loca said...

this is about ur compulsive weight checking...there's been some research stating that ppl who do check weight daily maintain and loose it better than ppl who dont.

and i hope u feel better