Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mild aelurophobia and insomnia

Now I know there are a lot of animal rights people etc around here. While I am not guilty of any kind of cruelty to animals, I must admit to being quite animal-unfriendly. Part of it is just that I am a wuss. When I was a kid, the lesson "let sleeping dogs lie" was conveyed to me in a very literal manner. I was probably 6 or 7 years old, when I went to play at a friend's place. While leaving their house, there was this little puppy dog, "Rusty" lying asleep outside their neighbour's house. I could've just walked by, but the innate keeda in me propelled me to go and stomp my feet near the dog. Rusty woke up and started yelping and I began running and screaming bloody murder. Rusty chased me all around the quadrangle and I clearly remember how my terrified screams brought everyone out into their balconies and windows to see what the hell was going on. Finally this one tall bhaiyya came and picked me up and then I began screaming "mera chappal! mera chappal" because at some point during the chase I had lost one of my chappals which was now in Rusty's mouth. Bhaiyya went and retrieved the chappal and only then I calmed down.

That's only one of my encounters with dogs. Then of course there are several other random street dog chasing me type encounters that we all must've had, but somehow, I seem more scarred than the regular person. Now I have gotten over my fear of dogs for most part. Atleast in the US, pet dogs are really well-trained and disciplined and I have learned to be friendly and just pet them and get it done with. I also have issues with dog slobber all over me but that is another story.

But my cat-phobia remains. I don't know what it is about cats that creeps me out. While I was growing up, we had cats fighting outside our building every night, and that was the creepy sound of cats miao-ing and rasping and whimpering in hunger that I often slept to. Perhaps that is the reason they creep me out. I dont' know. I am definitely very uncomfortable around them. Those shiny eyes that peer at you..that mewing snarl. All of it gives me the creeps.

The apartment building I live in has a no pets rule. These are really closed apartments and having a pet here would definitely amount to cruelty to the pet. In any case, I've been tossing and turning and trying to get some damn sleep and not able to. Partly because of the cold weather and the good for nothing heater in my apartment. So I decided to go out for a quick walk. I put on my coat and shoes and as I walked out, what do I see but a cat sitting near the stairs. I promptly came back in and shut the door.Now I can hear the cat outside. I don't think I'm going to get any sleep tonight.


Sakshi said...

hehehehe. Why dont you start bringing dead mice to feed it. Then it will love you.

And your updates lasted one post! back to sleeplessness. bah!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

and i know: i jinxed myself.

sd said...

I have learned to be friendly and just pet them and "get it done with." Your phraseology is interesting :P

sd said...
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GuNs said...

TO hell with those animal rights activists. I'd say if a dog bites you, you should kick its ass/smash its head or do something insanely gory.

Its your right, damn it. Try going up to a tiger and biting its leg for kicks.

If you go out and provoke the dog by "stomping your feet near it" then the reverse logic applies.

Live and let live, thats my policy.


Born a Libran said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk Tsk... Just when you were getting good at this early to bed, early to rise thingie... So what was the office reaching time like??

sepulchritude said...

You are wanting courage, shishter. At least it was not being a cockyroach.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I made it in at 10 am. :/

i am not afraid of cockyroaches.

Drenched said...

Ahahahahahaha!! Poor Rusty.
And now that I know your phobia of cats, I am gifting you a kaali billi on your budday. :D

BTW, get that heater repaired. I've heard that dumb people who sleep in apartments with good-for-nothing heaters have a strong chance of falling down the bed and breaking a few bones.

sd said...

After weeks of struggle I made it at 8:45 am without needing a tumbler of coffee first thing!

Anonymous said...

Hahhaa.. so u r scared of cats... I am with Drenched on this... Kali Billi for u! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you GO sd!

i don't want a kali billi fools!