Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My kinda guy

Is straight, single and available. :)
Can look beyond gender-stereotyping and chauvinistic attitudes.
Speaks/ writes good English, has a way with words.
Has a good s.o.h.
Doesn't ask me what s.o.h means. ;)
Has a passion.
Can laugh at himself.
Can cook. (Doing dishes can compensate to some extent for lack of this trait)
Can make intelligent conversation and indulge in meaningless banter.
Is self-assured.
Is trust-able. trustworthy.
Lets me be me: caprice, unreasonable-ness, workaholic-ness, forgetfulness, silliness, indiscipline, independence, all included.
Is taller than me.
Is less commitment-phobic than me. :)
Makes an effort with me.
Gets me.

E & O E


Sakshi said...

Check to all. Let me know when you find one :P

And damn if this is not a coincidence - I was writing a similar list. Now I have to think of something original!!!

tgfi said...

writing a similar list?

lol! not again! :p

and i'm not telling you. you don't respect hrithik.

ferret said...

i know such a guy, but i am not telling you :D

and on something unrelated, after the no-reply-to-comments-policy came into effect, i've got replies to all my comments (well ok most of them)! YAY :)

Rachna said...

Hey, they don't exist!
remember konkona sen ahd irrfan khan's conversation in LIA Metro (if not, go see the movie, its awesome).
Take the car out of the garage!

Mr. Right is just a fallacy!

GuNs said...

You. You how tall?

Sukesh Kumar said...

Go to second-life, maybe there is slight chance :D
In real life, get real

aequo animo said...

there are hundreds out there like that :D, u missed something very important..t hats why u are writing this list :D

Silvara said...

Heheh I know this guy. And promptly married him :P

Sorry :P

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I meet most of the criteria! I can't be sure about the relative ones like "taller", "less commitment-phobic" etc. though :)

So you don't care what he looks like at all cos you have not mentioned it anywhere. Not even "Shouldn't be repulsive"! Thats rather surprising.

lazy navdy said...

The don't make straight guys like that anymore. So, you should edit this post saying that the probability of finding this kind of guy is extremely high in certain special cities like Paris or San Francisco or probably during Gay Pride Parades. :p

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

it was not "no reply" it was reply on need basis. what can i say? you are so provocative. :p

i saw the movie but now i don't get the exact reference (take the car out of the garage?) yeah great movie!

5 feet 4 ". and you? ;)

sukesh kumar,
whats wrong with a bit of fantasy? :)

a a,
i modified post. see first line. :p

hahaha! damn you!

i was trying to focus on positives. i wanted to stay away from "should not be.." and looks are quite subjective, no? its the personality that makes one more attractive than looks per se. oh i like guys with glasses.
coffee sometime? ;)

lazy bum,
see first line.

lazy bum navdy said...

yes, saw it, saw it. that's what i am saying. no straight men. compromise. male "sautans" aren't that jealous, i would guess.

Sukesh Kumar said...

I was wondering whats the use of such kind of fantasy...
The point is that if you are looking for long term relationship, you won't find any person who can constantly and consistently and statically fulfill these requirement. Because with time he is sure to change as well as you in behaviour and characteristics.

If you are looking at short term endeavours then the requirement you have put really don't matter :D

And as far as third case goes, I dont feel its fantasy for the third case :P

good point!! isn't it?? :>

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

what's wrong with a bit of "pointless" fantasy, eh? :>

Anonymous said...

Good list.. stick to all of these, and u will someday get that Mr.Right! :)

Btw, I see that my current fave song is scrolling here.. :D
Imagine the lines Whiskey, Mystics & Men being sung when I am in a serious meeting.. :) ROFL! :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Silvara.. I know this guy, and I married him.. :)
Will try to find similar one for you, Lajjo! :)

Navdy, I know yaar... its sad, they dont make real men anymore.. And if there are any, they are taken!

GuNs said...

Aaah...consider my application then.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ms T,
you and Silvara are married to the same guy? :o

oh. i forgot to mention I have an age bar too. 29 or older. :p

Anonymous said...

Jealous! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, how did you know that I wear glasses? :)

GuNs said...

HUH! How do you know I don't qualify?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Ms T,

ahha! :-)

your blogger profile tells me you're 24. i don't have any reason to believe otherwise. ;)

GuNs said...

I grow another year older in two weeks!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

And i grow another year older in few months! you see how it goes? ;)
heppy budday advance mein, btw.