Monday, April 21, 2008

So misunderstooooo..d

The hard part about being misunderstood by the ones you care about the most, is the feeling that you have disappointed them somehow. In addition to the feeling that they have let you down by not giving you the benefit of doubt, and jumping to conclusions and judgements. And you wish it could all be fixed but sometimes you just let it slide because you're tired and cynical and don't want to deal with it. Or because you are reminded of the times you did try but it all backfired, and that puts you off. So you wish it away or quietly stew. Meanwhile it builds up. More and more. Until the damage can no longer be undone. The repercussions are all over the place and if it was hard earlier, it's impossible to do anything now. Where do you start?

And the worst thing you could then be subjected to is them saying "It's okay, I love you anyway".

When did we stop caring?