Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thanks for all the suggestions

All, thanks for some great suggestions re the desi movie. (And some not so great ones- Jab we met? please! I couldn't handle that screeching banshee beyond the first few scenes. Cannot subject my friends to that!)


But thanks for all the comments. This is going to be in a couple weeks from now so I'll let you know which one I pick. I'm leaning towards LRMB. MW is a great choice too but its not mainstream bollywood enough. I also showed MW to a some of my firang friends in lutom and they really enjoyed it. And I know one friend who was quite scarred after being made to watch Devdas: she could only remember "that fat lady wailing at the drop of a hat". :p DCH is nice, feel good and there's Akshaye with an E Khanna, my hearthrob. But I had an issue with that swanky lifestyle it showcased, its so not representative of average desi life. I know thats nit picky, but still.

BTW the floor's still open for suggestions.

Aside: OMG Klastos! That is one of my constant fears. But you had to delete the blog? and all the travelogues? Back up? Let me know of your new url and really sorry to hear!


Anonymous said...

WTF is LRMB???
Stop talking in acronyms.. U remind me of my office!

Rachna said...

What is LRMB?
I'm dying of curiosity now!
Pleeeeeeease tell!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Lage Raho Munna Bhai,
duh you two!