Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend with my niece

(Or when I was the kid with the coolest toy on the block)

When I was a kid, one of my favourite fun things to do was to sit in the window, blowing bubbles through the finger-holes of a small pair of steel scissors using a solution of genteel. Over time, we had come to the conclusion that surf and other cheap detergents did not make as good and long lasting bubbles as the more expensive ones like genteel. Of course, my mom had no idea I was using up her expensive detergent or endangering myself with the scissors. Across from my building, another friend blew bubbles in her balcony and we whiled away hours like this watching our bubbles flit away or collide. Such fun!

I hadn't visited my sister for over a month now and was longing to see my niece. To make it worse, I had picked up this giant bubble maker a couple weeks ago from a store while window shopping, and couldn't wait to try it out. Finally, I made the trip this weekend and the big bubbler was the prime attraction for all the kids that lived down the street. Some of the little girls even traded "playing with the boys" to come and chase the bubbles. My niece, of course, wanted to be the one that made the bubbles as well as the one that chased them. :) So much fun came!


Sakshi said...

HEhehee. I used to blow bubbles till last year from my patio. Now I am all grown up!
Tee hee. While I like the humungous bubble makers, I simply adore the smaller ones. You get more bubbles with that and it is less strenous.
Sometimes, smaller is better :)

Anonymous said...

Man, Bubbles are soo much fun... we were playing this bubbles thingy sometime back when it was raining.. the nazara from the balcony was amazing.. :D

aequo animo said...

that hand is definitely not your niece's..and you are definitely not 5'4" :D

shub said...

I have genteel, I have a pair of scissors. *big grin*

Dewdrop said...

Blowing the bubbles is a wonderful experience, when you are a child. I miss doing that now. I yearn to do that at times, but i dont get a partner. Btw, added you to my 'I love reading' list. Hope u dont mind :)