Monday, May 26, 2008

Best weight loss / dieting tip evar

Step 1: Scavenge, hunt down and find all fattening food in the house. Ice cream, cookies, fried stuff etc. etc. If you don't have, buy and bring.

Step 2: Eat all of it. Clean. Like there's no tomorrow.

Step 3: Start diet now. Absence of any junk food in house should make it a lot easier. Yes?

Methinks this should be super-effective. I have just gone through iterations of Step 1 and 2. May be I'll get to step 3 soon. 


La vida Loca said...

interesting...start 3 will be started tomorrow...and tomorrow never comes :P

Sakshi said...

I think its an effective strategy. I am hoping that after junking so much, one day I will look at the chips and go.. naah.

Still not there.

Rachna said...

I've been trying this for years now :)
And I have yet to reach Step 3!!