Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Somebody said samosas somewhere and I can't get them out of my head. We had some when I was in NJ weekend before last but they were terrible. Now I'm craving for good samosas.

And the fond memory of sitting in a car, outside a swanky restaurant somewhere along marine drive, and hogging on the best samosas ever wrapped in newspaper refuses to leave my head.


V said...

can't wait to get to india next month... samosas occupies the number 4 slot in my list of food items i've missed in 5 years... number 1 is ofcourse Kalyani Black Label... lol

ggop said...

That link made me hungry!

sd said...

Samosa with salted and fried green mirchi. Sigh.

Sakshi said...

pani poori.
juice @ haji ali.
chaat @ VT

mazhalai said...

come to Fairfax VA if you have a chance - T says they are the best samosas outside India.. I think they are not so bad either!

shub said...

I saw samosas at a shop today and thought of you!
word verif : xabudan. what gives?!

Born a Libran said...

Bade Miyan's kababs and nv food in general... Now u make me crave Mumbai night life as well.. :(

Anonymous said...

Mummy... I also want samosas... tell me where I can get good ones in Hydie!

Pri said...

clearly you have never eaten flat onion samosas also known as south indian samosas. find yourself a chechi quick.