Friday, May 23, 2008

W.o.m.m #19

1) Still didn' t find my drive. But the long weekend is here. Thankfully my drive to have fun is going nowhere. :-)

2) I made my plans for Boston. YAY! Finally (Thanks to a tip off from this blogger friend) I made my bookings into Manchester airport (MHT). The RT costs me ~$180 (on southwest, which doesn't show up in priceline/kayak/orbitz searches but has really good deals)  including taxes, and they have a free shuttle from MHT into Sullivan square Boston. So hopefully it will all work out well.  

In retrospect, for all that time it will take, a 5 hr Amtrak train ride would have come up to the same, costs and time-wise. But, there were no convenient times available on Amtrak, and my return will be quicker by air so I can show up at work early enough on Monday. So its all cool. 

3) I had a chat with my boss yesterday. One in which he told me we need to set "goals and timelines". Basically politely telling me that I haven't gotten enough done. I can't help agree. So I will present him with a timeline for the next couple weeks and hope I stick to those. Even if his slight condescension disguised in that polite veneer irritated the sh!@ out of me, I am glad I had the chat. It should put me back on track, and i found at least someone is excited about my experiments. heh.

One of the things that seems to work when these extreme downtimes hit is to just take charge of things clinically, without getting too lost in the "i am a loser I suck I hate the world Nothing is going my way" whirlpool of self-destructive thoughts. So I am going about my list now, not thinking of the should'ves and could'ves and will/won't bes. 

Over and out! Have a splendid weekend y'all! 

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