Tuesday, May 13, 2008

w.o.m.m. #n+1

Its cold. In the middle of May. I am wearing two layers and socks at home. Hail the new weatherman: the landlord. Who had decided that winter is over and hence the heat is cut off. What gives? Rubbish nonsense.

Red chilli powder in cereal. Happens when you're sleep deprived, stressed, cold, grumpy, can't find your glasses and wake up hungry and preoccupied. And when you use same used yogurt containers to store everything.

It's not so bad actually. I see some potential, with a bit of tweaking of the recipe.

Tired. So tired. I want to crawl back into bed.

I sympathise with woes of working moms, but I DO NOT want to listen to my coworker's stories today. Teething baby, breastmilk yield, whatever. Please. Leave me alone!

Gotta go. Take 9 am reading. Life, bitch.


Sakshi said...

Jeebus.. I just was complaining about young parents who love to recite stories about their kids, their potty training, their sickness..
It should be outlawed. Really!

ggop said...

I really think something happens to a new mom and the "mommy brain" is not a myth. They shouldn't be allowed to traumatize single gals!

sd said...

This would be womm 17.

Crime Master said...

Aww, hugs, babe! :)

Anonymous said...

True! Last thing you want to talk about after a busy day is about babies and marital woes!!!
I can add many to that list!

I will join the ranting community now! Hmmpphh!